Importance of fibers in modern nutrition

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Importanza delle fibre nell'alimentazione moderna
Fiber is an essential constituent of our diet. Whether soluble or insoluble, whether or not they can be assimilated by our enzymes, they contribute to intestinal regulation and to the supply of nutrients useful for rebalancing the glycemic level. Thesoluble fibers beta-glucans and pectinse), in combination with a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, reduce the cholesterol level, while increasing the intake of B vitamins, tocopherol and essential fats.They also reduce gastric emptying and facilitate the control of calorie intake. For proper nutrition it is recommended take more than 30 grams per day.

The disappearance of the fibers

The fibers are mainly contained in fruits, vegetables and legumes, whichhowever, they are disappearing from our tables, in which fat is abundant: the minimum recommended consumption offruits and vegetables is 400 grams per day, Italy barely reaches the threshold while the European average is bleakly below 300. The appropriate consumption would be guaranteed by the Mediterranean diet, if this in turn were not disappearing from the habits of the country.

The refining processes of food products

Changes in dietary regimen are then aggravated by the processes ofrefining of food products, especially flours: wholemeal flours contain, compared to their much more popular 00, a quantity of fiber four times higher, in addition to having a greater quantity of potassium, calcium, iron.

The peels of food

Careful studies have also ascertained the virtue offood peels, discarded by us with so many misplaced efforts: not an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but an apple with the peel. As protectors of the fleshy portion destined to nourish the semen and annoying intermediary for the human mouth, the skins are today found to be incredibly re-evaluated for the cleaning action carried out during the transition into the lower digestive tract: through the stimulation of peristaltic movements and the facilitating evacuation prevents the stagnation of toxic elements, ending up being an indispensable element ina colon cancer prevention. The fear of pesticides used in agriculture is excessive since it has been shown that careful washing of fruit and vegetables is sufficient to zero any risk of contamination, and this minimal effort is worth to preserve the integrity of an even more complete food. But habit or bad information leave us stunned in front of potato and apple skins, if not to say frightened in front of those of completely edible citrus fruits: the goal of grams of fiber per day seems to be very far.o.

Herbalife offers Multifibre Drink

Herbalife, on the other hand, offers products specifically designed to cross the finish line on a daily basis, aiming at an overall improvement in the nutritional intake of the meal taken. WithMultifibre drink the intake of a portion corresponds to5 g of fiber, with just 18 calories: to reach the same level of fiber through 00 flours, we should take 300 g for a caloric intake of over 1000 calories. Multifibre drink containssix sources of fiber: apple, oats, corn, citrus, chicory and soy. You can enjoy it added to plain water or to make your favorite Formula 1 smoothie even more complete. If instead the goal is tocheck your weight, theFormula 1 bars they are a replacement for a complete meal and contribute to more than 30 of the daily fibers: 8 g of fiber per bar are added to a protein value of 13 g suitable for the development of lean mass, all in a low-calorie diet.

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