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Herbalife Nutrition sells online in over 94 countries

Herbalife Nutrition distributes Herbalife products in Italy, India, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and in total in 94 countries around the world. Sales of Herbalife products online are made exclusively online directly from the Herbalife warehouse.

What are Herbalife products?

✬ Herbalife protein shakes. Herballife products for weight loss. Herbalife products for weight gain. Herbalife targeted nutritional products for specific needs. Herbalife energy and sports supplements. Herbalife Personal Care Products. Herbalife products for heart health. Herbalife products for digestive health. Herbalife Skin Care Products Buy Herbalife products online and we will assure you that you will receive Herbalife products directly from one of the Herbalife warehouses closest to your home or from the Herbalife warehouse located in the country. Those below us who have signed a contract with Herbalife can only purchase products directly from Herbalife.balife.

The Herbalife Online Store on the Goherbalife platform

Buy Herbalife products online safely, visit our platform on the site Our goherbalife platform is the new online portal for the sale of Herbalife products. You can buy the products indifferently on this site or on the goherbalife platform. Both are Herbalife online stores - products will be shipped directly from Herbalife warehouses within minutes of your order. Don't miss out on a record-time shipment of your favorite Herbalife products. All the products of the Herbalife line will be delivered to you within one, maximum two days directly to your home, or to any address you have indicated when completing the order.

Goherbalife site registration instructions for Herbalife independent members

Creating your own site on the Herbalife Goherbalife platform is very simple!
  • Log into your myherbalife account
  • In the top menu look for the customers section
  • Selections: my sites
  • Choose a name for your goherbalife online site
  • Follow the wizard to create the site: choosing a title for your site, products to sell, articles to present, your contacts, personalization of the message to be entered for customers
  • You are ONLINE!
Redirect your Herbalife customers directly to Goherbalife and Herbalife Nutrition will take care of everything from order management to shipping. Independent Herbalife distributors are also exempt from placing orders, which are automatically taken over by the system. Even the dispatch to the Herbalife Italia s.p.a warehouse for shipping is completely automated. This system allows you to save shipping times: we are also exempted from reporting the customer's order in the myherbalife management area.

Order Herbalife products from our Goherbalife website when you want

To place orders on the new online platform, go to the address All Herbalife Online products are available in the new herbalife online store The user experience has been simplified as much as possible to make the purchase procedure extremely smooth and fast. The site is extremely fast as it can benefit from Herbalife Nutrition's corporate servers, while orders are protected by the highest standards of digital security.

Register in one click in the new Herbalife Online store

To place orders, as on this site, you need to register and create your own account. To register on our goherbalife site The registration procedure is very simple: you are now ready to browse the site!

How to navigate the Goherbalife online herbalife store?

Navigating the Herbalife Online store is super easy. Move the cursor to the left bar to access the catalog of all products, the blog, or the contact section for the member. The Herbalife product catalog is divided into Otherwise you can stay on the homepage of the site and take advantage of the featured products chosen especially for you.

Don't miss the goherbalife blog!

The sectionblog of the goherbalife site is full of tips and useful diet tips. The articles are written by nutrition and fitness professionals. Don't miss the chance to get free access to valuable top-notch advice and make your friends jealous with the unique knowledge of Herbalife products

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