The pomegranate:properties and benefits

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Il melograno: proprietà e benefici
The pomegranate is also called buckwheat apple, it belongs to the Punicaceae family and in addition to being an ornamental plant in the garden, it is known for itstherapeutic virtues. It is a typical autumn product with manybeneficial properties already known to the ancient populations who considered this plant the panacea for all ills as once everything was used for the treatment of numerous diseases, from the root cooked in wine as a vermifuge to the peel in the case of a lazy intestine. It has always been the symbol of fertility; in Roman times, brides used to weave sprigs of pomegranate into their hair as a symbol of good luck for their offspring, while in India it is thought to have the property of fighting sterility. Pomegranate consists of juicy slightly sour seeds, rich inmineral salts, water andvitamins which are used for the preparation of grenadine, a very sweet syrup. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus; in small quantities also manganese and zinc. It performs an antitumor action by hindering the formation of metastases ee reducing free radicals. Its juice is an anticoagulant capable of reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis andprevent cardiovascular disease. Drinking pomegranate juice can have benefits for arthritis as it inhibits the degenerative process of cartilage; it has also shown beneficial properties for Alzheimer's by elevating a protective barrier and attacking harmful proteins. Its regular consumptione helps fight obesityà, to reduce thecholesterol, to improve overall well-being and is very useful in dialysis patients. The infusion of flower petals is useful for refreshing the mouth and gums; the dried flowers infused in water are excellent as a vaginal douche. Its peels have aromatic properties and find their use in the preparation of some types of liqueurs to give them particular aromas. It seems that this miraculous fruit is also beneficial for ailments caused by menopause, depression and brittle bones.ili).

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