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Il Junk Food crea dipendenza
Lots of potato chips can trigger addictive behavior like cocaine Scientific studies in recent years have examined junk food addiction to illegal drug addiction, revealing alarming results. The craving for junk food in our brain follows the same mechanisms as cocaine addiction.a.

Junk Food is a drug?

Unbelievable to say, but there is a lot of data from which to draw analogies between fast food addiction and drug addiction. According to these data, highly concentrated fructose syrup, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated oils, refined salt and various other chemical additives found in industrially refined junk food have the same effects on the brain as cocaine. It turns out that there are huge intersections between the effects of drugs and food on the brain. Drugs in the brain cause the release of dopamine - the so-called happiness hormone. In a comparative study, scientists found a similarity in dopamine production in drug addicts and people who are addicted to fast food.

The vicious cycle of dopamine

Using drugs stimulates receptors in the brain, which respond to dopamine and give the body a sense of happiness. Prolonged use of these substances reduces the sensitivity of the stimulated neurons. Consequently, addicts need more and more doses of the substance to achieve the same level of satisfaction, i.e. the same amount of dopamine released. In the brain of a junk food addict, exactly the same mechanisms occur. Those who are prone to binges do not have a fault defined exclusively by their own will. He is a fragile person who seeks satisfaction in an external substance and becomes the victim of a vicious circle from which it is difficult for any person to escape. Just like for drug addiction, it is important to ask for help, surround yourself with an environment suitable for reducing excessive consumption that is harmful to the body, and gradually eliminate the intake of unhealthy foods. Nutrition experts and particular products can help in this regard. The path to quitting junk food is identical to the path to quitting drug addiction. Our Herbalife-sponsored products and diet programs help direct the individual towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Look at our products to eliminate from your body all those additive substances added by the industry for the sole purpose of corrupting your body and forcing you to buy food that is harmful to your body.orpo.

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Studies confirming the link between drug addiction and industrial food addiction A 2010 study, conducted by researchers at the Scripps Research Institute SRI in Florida, revealed that rats that had free access to various industrially and rapidly refined food products preparation had a significant change in their brain function and activity. These changes closely resembled those seen in the brains of drug addicts. Another study - this time by researchers at the University of Austin, Texas, and the Oregon Research Institute - found that prolonged consumption of junk food could lead to a reduction in neural activity in the striatum, a responsible area of the brain. emotions and reward mechanisms. In other words, as in the case of illegal drugs, the amount of junk food that the addict needs to take in order to feel a feeling of well-being, the high, increases over time. The data is so impressive that it must finally be accepted by this branch of research.erca.

Chemical additives present in foods

Since industrially processed foods are full of synthetic chemical additives, they can generally be considered drugs in a broad sense. Therefore, it is no wonder that millions of people around the world are addicted to these products. Also consider how much food industries spend on research to increase the consumption of their products

Junf Food addiction and overweight

The craving described for Junk Food is also associated with overweight that is widespread today all over the world. The researchers were able to show that obese people tend to have less sensitive dopamine receptors than those with normal weight. Obese people must therefore eat more to satisfy their Junk Food cravings. The brain mechanisms of addiction create a vicious cycle that can cause serious health problems. We've always known this - now it's even scientifically proven. Burgers, fries, pizza & amp; Co. behave like drugs and can actually make people addicted.

Are you addicted to junk food Take a test!!

Are you addicted to junk food You can find out with a drug addiction test. Physicians classify addicts using the DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical System of Mental Disorders, a guide to mental disorders classified by symptoms and phenomenology. For the first time, the BED, Binge Eating Disorder, a disorder in which the subject binge frequently and recklessly, was classified as an atomic disorder in the DSM-4 was part of general eating disorders. Therefore, it is not considered serious in medicine only the abuse of drugs and alcohol, but also the addiction to junk food. With the following test you will have a rough indication of your addiction to junk food. If you recognize at least three of these seven criteria in yourself, you may be somewhat addicted.ente.

1. Loss of control

Sometimes you almost casually go to your favorite Junk Food supplier, where the service staff already know you very well. You order, they fry and fry, and soon you order the same XXL size menu again even if you are no longer hungry. Feeling of Shock: You are no longer in control of yourself and your craving for junk food.

2. The tolerance limit increases

The classic symptom of addiction: Increased dopamine levels make you feel better in the moment but later in a state of intoxication caused by alcohol, tablets or drugs. You can also get this condition with a "junk food attack" because your brain activates the reward center in the same way. Problem: The more you indulge in your cravings, the faster your tolerance increases. So, to force the above average release of happiness hormones, you have to eat more and more chips, crackers and fried foods..

3. Health suffers

The consequences of regular feeding of Doner Kebab skewers and French fries: your health suffers. You are assuming that your body is unable to keep up with the burning of fat and you know your condition will get worse. In spite of everything, you can't stop eating french fries, hamburgers and company.

4. Think of the road to not walking past your favorite Junk Food supplier

This step, despite being a symptom of addiction, is already a step in the right direction: we try to avoid certain situations. You return home and choose the route to avoid your favorite Kebabbaro. You part with your friends first, because you know that after a wild night with them you will end up binging in any place you meet on the street.

5. You can't think of anything else

And even if you try so boldly, all you can think of is junk food. You think of your friend who smells like french fries, you buy a sweater with a burger on it and at night you dream of land of plenty, where there are burgers and pizza at every turn calling out your name lustfully waving at you. Your craving for junk food moves into your life center.

6. Try to suppress lust

Don't be discouraged by the fifth criterion. You are truly on the path to recovery. You just have to ignore the craving for chips, nachos and pizza, even if the craving is huge and almost upsets you. Don't give them up!

7. Weaning

It might sound a little gross, but you can wean yourself off a lot of things. It only takes a while for the brain and body to accept it. As soon as your control center realizes that you don't need cheeseburgers or fries with may and ketchup to be happy, you will overcome your addiction. Of course, nothing speaks against an extended visit to a fast food restaurant. But if you are increasingly in the mood for fatty food, then you should honestly go to court and be a stern judge of your behavior. Because in a junk food addiction, you can get into an addiction quickly like, for example, an alcohol addiction, and struggle to get out of it even more difficult.

We can help you too

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