A good rest begins at the table, insomnia step aside!

Diet tips
Il buon riposo inizia a tavola, insonnia fatti da parte!
The dynamics of the sleep-wake process are delicate and are influenced by what we eat every day. But not only for the heaviness of some foods such as peppers or onions, which are digested more slowly and sometimes not completely !, so better if avoided, at least in the evening. In reality, both the quantity and the quantity of the foods we eat day after day affect metabolism, digestion, absorbed nutritional elements; these are all factors that weigh heavily on the production of neurotransmitters that regulate our calm and our stress. This is why to fight insomnia it is good to start with the choices you make at the table.la.

Sleep friendly foods

To rest well and wake up in the morning full of energy and vitality, there are some foods to prefer to others, especially if they contain a good amount of magnesium regulates stress or tryptophan increases serotonin and melatonin in the body. Then green light to spinach, brown rice, nuts, fish and pumpkin seeds for an additional source of magnesium. Dates, bananas, sesame seeds and oats for an edge with tryptophan. Foods to avoid before bedtime There are some foods that are naturally difficult to digest, as mentioned before peppers, for example and other artificially produced by man full of sugars, with high glycemic index, enemies not only of good sleep but also of diabetics and of the line in general. In some people, even the monosodium glutamate contained above all in packaged foods also causes a little nervousness and prevents them from fighting insomnia in the best possible way. There is also another substance, Tyramine, which stimulates the production of dopamine and adrenaline, which make us feel more energetic and less sleepy. Therefore all smoked foods, aged or blue cheeses, sausages, preserved fish and aubergines should be avoided. Do not underestimate the consumption of alcohol before bedtime. Although a glass of wine can make the mind seem lighter and perhaps make you want a nap, it actually causes insomnia due to the severe work attributed to the liver which has to work off and digest the alcoholic substance.a alcolica.


For those who have some difficulty falling asleep, it is practically obvious to avoid coffee after 17.00. But perhaps not everyone knows that chocolate also contains a certain amount of caffeine, as well as tyramine see above, and should therefore be avoided at night like a cup of coffee.è.

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