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Personal hygiene is respect for oneself and for others. It is essential to follow a few rules to maintain good personal hygiene. This doesn't mean washing your hands all the time or using lots of soap, but using balance. There is a set of rules to follow at every stage of our lives, from infancy to old age, in health and in sickness. It is important to carefully reflect on the actions and behaviors held during the day and to carry out healthy gestures for our hygiene and which help us reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases; for example handling money, using the keyboard, leaning on supports on public transport and then touching your eyes or face, it happens often. Basic hygiene for body care is divided into zones.

Hand hygiene

It is essential to wash your hands often, especially before eating, after going to the bathroom, after touching an animal and every time you return home; this operation must be spontaneous. Washing must be done carefully: carefully rub your hands for thirty seconds using a good detergent, paying attention to your nails, rinse and dry with a clean tissue. For washing this part of the body most exposed to contact with microbes and germs, we use the bar of soap proposed by Herbalife. A blend of aloe vera, olive oil, vitamins A, C and E that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving a delicate scent.

Body hygiene and bad smell

Our body is in daily contact with the microbes present in foreign bodies such as dust, smog and others. Sweat and body secretions, as well as generating a bad smell, always favor the development of microbes and microorganisms. We must therefore not give up the daily cleaning of our body; The basic rules to follow are:

The shower

A daily shower, especially in the morning, as well as activating our body and toning the skin, ensures good personal hygiene throughout the day. We choose a cleanser suitable for our skin type, without aggressive agents such as shower gel from the Herbal Aloe line of Herbalife, a delicate shower gel obtained from plants that cleanses and hydrates the skin without depriving it of essential oils and leaving it pleasantly scented.

Foot washing

When we wear sandals or open shoes, the skin of our feet is in close contact with the outside and the ground. It will be advisable to always wash your feet every time you return home and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes where humidity favors the growth of bacteria and mycosis.

Daily change of linen

It is necessary to change the linen every day, even better after a shower, because a large number of germs accumulate on the fabric, even if used only for one day.

Hair hygiene

Hair hygiene is very important to prevent problems related to hair loss or lice. It is necessary to wash at least twice a week, using products that protect both the hair fiber and the scalp, and brush the hair frequently. Excellent shampoo and conditioner are those of the Herbalife Herbal Aloe line which leave the hair stronger, healthier and silky from the first application, reduce hair breakage by 90% and protect the color.

The Herbalife solution: Herbal Aloe line



Take care of yourself, trust Herbalife and try it Herbal Aloe line which also includes the hand and body lotion and the soothing gel which leaves skin visibly smoother and softer and has toning, moisturizing and soothing properties. All these products are paraben and sulphate free.

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