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We understand the importance of water exchange in the body and proper hydration both in everyday life and before, during and after physical activityica We often talk about healthy, nutritious, energizing food rich in minerals and vitamins, but sometimes we forget to point out that the essential nutrient for man is water. The amount of liquid that is produced through the metabolism of food does not cover our daily requirement, which depends on the external temperature eg. in summer, internal temperature, periods of high fever, age and, of course, average daily physical activity. The water balance is given by the perfect balance between the volume of liquids that come out with those that enter the body, and is influenced by the thirst stimulus that the brain sends us and by the antidiuretic hormone that avoids the dispersion of water called vasopressin or ADH.ina (o ADH).

Daily water requirement

You can survive without feeding for up to two or three weeks, but without water in about 72 hours, you die. The importance of constant hydration is already evident from this statement, especially since the symptoms that precede death from dehydration are disarming: fainting, heart attack, limb blockage and so on. In a resting situation with an external temperature of about 20 degrees, man disperses about 1 milliliter of water per minute. Clearly, during sporting activity, this value increases considerably, even reaching 25 milliliters every minute.o.

Who is most at risk of dehydration?

  • TheSenior citizens they feel the stimulus of thirst much less, and therefore, without realizing it, they risk a lot by forgetting to drink during the dayta
  • THEchildren they have a higher percentage of water in the body, which is consumed very quickly, and therefore they have to drink very often
  • Theathletes and amateur sportsmen, when they are not aware of how much water they can disperse between perspiration, metabolic and muscle activity, tend to drink only after trainingo

What the sportsman must do

The body temperature rises, due to the production of energy caused by the muscles. But an excessive temperature is debilitating for the athlete, so the body triggers mechanisms to keep the temperature low, using lots of liquids. Sweat, also called perspiration, is the first defense mechanism and causes the consumption of about 35 of the fluids in the body. The athlete must therefore remember to drink before the training session, but also during; in practice, he should finish the workout without feeling a particular need to latch onto the bottle of water or energizing drink immediately. Herbalife recommendsglia Hydrate, a drink specially designed for professional and non-professional athletes, which contains 100 RDA of vitamin C, for fast recovery and vitamin B, magnesium and calcium to promote energy metabolism. Completely calorie-free, it is an excellent product for stimulating hydration in sports..

The water inside usi

We can classify the liquid present in the human body into two compartments, thatextracellular such as lymph, blood, liquidcephalorachidian and thatinterstitial, and thatintracellular (two thirds of the total. These sectors are separated by semi-permeable membranes, i.e. they allow a minimum exchange of substances and from the walls of the blood vessels. Our body must always have an excellent balanceto of volumetric homeostasisa of the two sectors. Water in our body is mainly present in lean mass for about 70, while it is very scarce in fat cells.ose.

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