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Official Herbalif price listAnd

Herbalife, as a brand, has been able to achieve important recognitions worldwide and, among the various important goals achieved, has become the official supplier of food supplements of the Italian Olympic team (for each discipline) e partner CONI.

This result, obtained in view of the Rio Olympic Games and the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, will continue with the next Tokyo Olympics.

The line supplied to each member of the Italian Olympic team is called Herbalife 24, one of the leading products in terms of nutritional aspects.

Probably those who don't know Herbalife will think that the products that are administered to professional athletes and recognized as worthy of attention by CONI will have exorbitant costs. In reality, the prices of Herbalife products are far from mind-boggling figures, on the contrary: it can be said that Herbalife has low prices given and considered what it can offer. 

So let's take a closer look at some products and see some of the Herbalife prices to understand what numbers we are talking about.


Some Herbalife products and their prices

 Colazione Herbalife

If we think of the first foods we introduce into our body at the start of the day, the word that will immediately come to mind will be: "breakfast". So let's start with our examination of the main Herbalife products from this important moment of the day.

A breakfast must be healthy, balanced and tasty but also quick to prepare. In short, one Herbalife breakfast! 

Formula 1 it's a meal replacement extremely balanced from a nutritional point of view. It is a vegan and gluten-free smoothie capable of providing a third of therecommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

This smoothie comes in 10 exquisite flavors and the 500 gram format of product to be dissolved (with milk of various origins) costs 49.57 euros.

Formula 2, instead, it is a complex multivitamin rich in minerals able to make up for the 5 portions of fruit and vegetables that many of us certainly do not consume but which should be introduced into our body every day to stay healthy and strong. A pack of 90 tablets costs €23.61.

Formula 3 it's a protein supplement of high quality, a panacea for muscle mass, also present on the Handbook of Food Supplements published by the Ministry of Health. The price? 38.96 euros for 240 grams of product.

 Herbalife H24

Now let's talk about H24 line, it is a little more expensive but we are undoubtedly on excellent levels of quality.

Formula 1 Pro it is one of the main products, it provides the right boost for each workout and its price is 62.34 euros.

Prolong And Hydrate they are H24 products aimed at rehydrating our body without weighing us down. A valid aid for prolonged efforts, especially in summer, at the price of respectively: 65.46 and 47.53 euros.

If we are looking for support for training and post-stress recovery, or at work we carry out hard activities and want to recharge our energies, products such as Rebuild Endurance, Rebuild Strenght And Herbalife24 Restore they come to our rescue. In fact, all three are used to reduce fatigue and enjoy optimal recovery at the price of: 88.45; 60.78 and 40.88 euros.

Talking about protein bars And proteine shake we see that the prices for these Herbalife products are around 21 euros (for 1 pack of 14 bars) while for the product Protein Drink Mix (21 portions to be dissolved in water) we are talking about exactly 58.50 euros.

 Tisane Herbalife

Herbalife is also known for its herbal infusions. Low-calorie drinks, hot or cold, in various flavours. The price for the 50 gram package is 33.07 euros; 60.20 euros for the 100 gram one.

I Aloe Vera concentrates, other interesting products for optimal hydration, are presented in 473 ml formats at prices ranging from approximately 43 to 48 euros.

Finally, the Herbalife products for the body care. Shower gel, hand and body lotions, fortifying shampoos and conditioners, all around 13 euros per bottle.

There are also more specific skin care products such as: Firming eye contour gel The Moisturizing eye contour cream (both at 39.36 euros), Clay and mint purifying mask (21,23 euro) Wrinkle reducing serum (64.76 euros) and Moisturizing day cream (48,79 euro).

Finally, if you want to try Herbalife products you can always rely on ours Starter Kit which will allow you to taste our Formula 1 and our herbal infusion for only 20.70 euros with a money-back guarantee. 

We are sure that considering the high levels of credibility and reliability achieved by Herbalife the prices are certainly competitive. Worth trying!

The Herbalife Nutrition price list is an interactive tool that presents the names of the products, their unique code and the final price expressed in euros, including VAT and free home delivery via GLS express courier in 24/48 hours. Prices are the same in every country where Herbalife has a presence (94 countries in 2023) and are automatically updated based on inflation, raw material costs, dollar exchange rates and other factors. Please note that prices may vary.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global company and its prices, like those of any seller worldwide, can vary based on many factors. Please note that the price list shown in the interactive table is constantly updated based on the prices established by Herbalife International of America, Inc. and therefore represents the current price of Herbalife Nutrition products in Italy. We are pleased to offer free home deliveries via GLS express courier in 24/48 hours for all our products. Thank you for choosing Herbalife Nutrition as your partner in your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

 Herbalife Natura

Official Herbalife Price List | here is the whole cHerbalife Nutrition price catalog of 2023 with active link, divided by product categories, starting from those most used by our customers

Internal Nutrition

Code Product description Price
0142 Formula 1, Chocolate Delight flavour 54,52 €
4466 Formula 1, Vanilla Cream 54,52 €
4463 Formula 1, Strawberry Delight 54,52 €
4462 Formula 1, Banana Cream 54,52 €
Formula 1, Caffellatte
54,52 €
4467 Formula 1, Crunchy Biscuit 54,52 €
4464 Formula 1, Spiced Apple 54,52 €
4471 Formula 1, Mint and Chocolate 54,52 €
4470 Formula 1, Berries 54,52 €
3118 Formula 1 Free, Raspberry and White Chocolate 54,52 €
048K Formula 1, Vanilla Cream (780 g) 67,13 €
Formula 1 sachets, Vanilla Cream (pack of 7)
20,88 €
Formula 1 sachets, Crusty Biscuit (pack of 7)
20,88 €
Formula 1 meal replacement bar, Cocoa (pack of 7)
Formula 1, meal replacement bar, Yoghurt and red fruits (pack of 7)

Code Product description Price
1800 Formula 2, Vitamin & Mineral Complex for Men 23,61 €
1819 Formula 2, Vitamin & Mineral Complex Donna 23,61 €
0242 Formula 3, Protein supplement powder 38,96 €
3114 Multifibre, Fiber food supplement 22,56 €
2554 Multi fiber drink 34,88 €
0111 Mineral Complex Plus 30,68 €
0117 Thermo® Yellow, Chromium-based food supplement 34,95 €
0124 Guarana 27,87
0139 € RoseGuard, Food supplement with rosemary, vitamins and other plant extracts 38,74 €
0104 Cell Active, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 supplement 38,96 €
0043 Herbalifeline Max 32,62 €
Niteworks, Food supplement of vitamins C and E, Folic acid, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Taurine
86,57 €
Thermo Complete, Food supplement based on plant extracts, caffeine and vitamin C
50,70 €
0020 Xtra-Cal, Calcium food supplement 19,59 €
0267 Beta Heart, OatWell oat beta-glucan based drink 43,72 €
Liftoff, lemon-flavored effervescent Energy Drink
31,35 €
1432 H24 Formula 1 Pro 62,34 €
1433 H24 Hydrate, Food supplement with B vitamins and minerals 47,53 €
1435 H24 Prolong, isotonic drink 65,46 €
1436 H24 Rebuild Endurance 88,45 €
1437 H24 Rebuild Strength 60,78 €
1424 H24 Restore 40,88 €
1466 € H24 CR7 Drive, jar 21,04 €
1467 H24 CR7 Drive, box 12,72 €


 Code Product description Price
Protein bars, Almond and Vanilla (1 pack. from 14 bars)
22,16 €
Protein bars, Cocoa and Peanuts (1 pack. from 14 bars)
22,16 €
Protein bars, Citrus (1 pack. from 14 bars)
22,16 €
0155 Tomato soup 48,64 €
3143 Roasted soy nuts 20,08 €
2600 Protein Drink Mix 56,83 €
1660 PRO20 Select 63,96 €
013K Tri Blend Select gusto Banana 68,40 €
012K High Protein Iced Coffee gusto Latte macchiato 56,23 €


 Code Product description Price
Herbal infusion, soluble powder 50 gr.
33,07 €
Herbal infusion, soluble powder 100 gr.
60,20 €
Herbal infusion, soluble powder 50 gr. Lemon flavour
33,07 €
Herbal infusion, soluble powder 50 gr. Raspberry flavour
33,07 €
Herbal infusion, soluble powder 50 gr. Peach taste
33,07 €
Aloe MAX, Food supplement based on pure Aloe gel - 473 ml
47,40 €
Herbal aloe concentrate, original flavor 473 ml
43,90 €
1065 Concentrated aloe with herbs, mango flavor 473 ml 43,90 €

External Nutrition

 Code Product description Price
2561 Shower gel
13,88 €
2562 Soothing gel 12,94 €
2563 Hand and body lotion 12,94 €
2564 Fortifying Shampoo 13,83 €
2565 Fortifying Balm 13,83 €
2566 Bar of soap 9,60 €


Code  Product description Price
0765 Soothing Cleanser with Aloe 25,01 €
0766 Citrus Smoothing Cleanser 25,01 €
0767 Herbal Energizing Tonic 18,97 €
0770 Firming Eye Contour Gel 39,36 €
0771 Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream 39,36 €
0772 Instant Regenerating Red Fruit Scrub 19,56 €
0773 Purifying Clay and Mint Mask 21,23 €
0827 Regenerating Night Cream 50 ml 48,79 €
0828 Moisturizing Cream Protection Factor SPF30 50 ml 48,79 €
0829 Wrinkle Reducing Serum 50 ml 64,76 €
0830 Moisturizing day cream 50ml 48,79 €


Product Kits

 Code Product description Price
1776 Sports Kits 25,92 €
382A Herbalife Prova Kits 15,22 €
0389 Herbalife Prova Kit 2 23,16 €
0867 Mini Kit Results 27,46 €

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