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I Metodi di Cottura più Salutari
We know that health starts from the table. But it is not just the foods that dictate the law: certainly choosing an organic quality and varying them to the maximum is a good start, but if they are then cooked in an unhealthy or even carcinogenic way, everything is reset, and you go back. A clever and healthy cooking method not only lengthens your life, but will make you perceive the real flavors of food, which in turn will keep intact, or almost, their nutritional principles: vitamins, minerals and so on. Not least However, a note should also be made to condiments: these cooking methods allow you not to abound in oil, butter, lard or margarine. Also remember to replace the spices with salt, or at least halve their use, to avoid water retention and cardiovascular disease.ri.

The best cooking for a healthy life

  • In the oven: an ancient method, used in kitchens all over the world, the oven is an excellent cooking method that does not require the use of condiments. Excellent for vegetables, meat, sweets, fish at high temperatures we talk about roastingura’
  • Grilled: the food cooks quickly and the fat drips off; use this cooking for meat, fish and vegetables, it will be a guaranteed success
  • Boiling: as long as you use little water, the foods become soft without the use of fat or salt and do not lose all the nutrientsi
  • Steam powered: in recent years very popular, in fact it is among the best cooking ever, because the food does not even touch the water, but it cooks slowly thanks to the steam. Colors, flavors and vitamins will remain unalteredi
  • Brazing: generally used with large cuts of meat, it does not require added fats and the need for liquids such as wine or broth. Cooking is slow, the meat softens, and the resulting sauce can be a good accompaniment!
You can therefore create many special recipes, with the use of one or more of these interesting cooking methods that will make you savor the taste of the food..

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