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Have you ever heard of this professional figure? It was recently minted by the Herbalife company, which you will surely know. The main task of a WELLNESS coach is to take care of the clients' psychophysical state. He will accompany anyone by the hand towards the achievement of personal goals, in terms of health and body weight. It could also be considered the PERSONAL TRAINER of the well-being of anyone who wants to approach the Herbalife world. With him you will learn fundamental notions on a wide range of topics, including:

personal-coach-benessere-herbalife A thorough assessment of a person's health is a key part of a successful Herbalife client-coach relationship. This type of 'analysis' can take place by telephone or filling out a FORM specially created for all the people who want to deepen some key points of their life. It is important to understand the eating habits of the subjects, their body composition (BMI and calculation of lean mass and fat mass), any sports practiced, type of profession, and many other data that can provide a complete picture of the client's starting situation . At that point the Wellness Coach will be able, having also informed himself of any pathologies, pre-existing diseases, etc., to draw up an ad hoc health plan. The products to be proposed are really many and each of them provides a particular type of nutrient and one or more integral substances of a normal diet. For example, for those who want and need to lose weight, there is a range of formulations specifically designed to contain a high satiating power, very few calories and lots of vitamins and mineral salts. Excellent aids within a controlled low-calorie regime.

A successful business opportunity

Having clarified the meaning of Wellness Coach, let's now move on to understanding the many advantages of being part of such an important and global company as Herbalife. Would you like to be your own boss without being accountable to anyone? It's the dream of all of us, I think... If your aim is to supplement a starvation salary, you could only dedicate yourself to this profession part-time or on weekends, when you have free time. You choose where, how and in what terms. You will have many personal and work satisfactions. You will be able to learn through special training sessions everything there is to know about nutrition and the health of body and mind. All Herbalife products aim precisely at the well-being of the person, and therefore you will be able to resell incredible formulations, tested and recognized throughout the world as effective and free of side effects. You will be able to have direct contact with the final customer, without intermediaries, bringing and spreading the brand of one of the most important companies in the weight control and supplements sector. Become a Wellness Coach too, an ambassador who assists all the power of healthy products of the highest quality level in a Network Marketing environment that is simple to understand and decidedly profitable. How can a professional who is able to contribute to the health of his clients feel? Herbalife allows you all of this. Don't miss the opportunity to be a new Wellness Coach.

What you can get from the Herbalife company

By becoming a partner of this leading company, you will be entitled to all of these things:
  • Training courses
  • Basic seminars
  • Events organized by the company
  • Management of a personal website
  • Work plan already tested and effective
  • Paper support and catalogues
  • Classification in accordance with the law with no obligation to file a tax return
  • Commissions paid monthly
Every day the company is enriched with new professional figures: women, men, students... join our team too! Become a Personal Coach for each of your clients!

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