The benefits of a sauna after training

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I benefici di una sauna dopo l’allenamento
Gyms are increasingly changing compared to the past. Leaving aside the small and typically family-run centers, many fitness companies are increasingly expanding also in the wellness sector. So, from the simple weight room, you also find yourself having the opportunity to go to the pool and relax in the sauna and Turkish bath. All these amenities are useful for those who just want to lose weight and build muscles or are just extra pleasant activities.But above all: it is better to take a sauna after training or it is better to dedicate separate days to iti? There are three types of people in the gym: those who will never enter the wellness area, those who alternate a day of weights with a day of relaxation, and those who always splash around in the pool and the sauna after training. But there are concrete advantages of going to the sauna after exercising. The answer is yes and now we explain why!ché!  

Sauna after training: useful for regenerating musclesi

After an intense effort in our muscles there is an accumulation of lactic acid and waste responsible for the famous muscle pains that are felt after the workout. Taking a sauna makes us sweat a lot, thus allowing us to get rid of this excess waste. We will feel more energetic and recover faster after training. Not to mention that sweating allows us, in general, to get rid of toxins present throughout the body, so as to have a smoother and purer skin. Taking a sauna is, in general, a real panacea that will allow us to detoxify ourselves from everything that afflicts our skin every day..  

Respecting recovery times is important

To take the sauna after an intense effort, it is important to rest right after the workout. An intense workout needs to be followed by at least 15 minutes of rest before you can start taking the sauna. The relaxation loungers found in the wellness areas also serve this purpose. Once rested we will be ready to start our sauna session, not to be extended beyond 20 minutes. You can possibly alternate two sessions with a cold shower between one and the other..  

Drink a lot before and after the sauna

After a workout we will be more dehydrated and the sauna, making us sweat, will make us lose even more fluids. This is why it is very important to drink a lot after the workout and also at the end of the sauna session. Only in this way will we be able to derive the greatest benefits from a session in the post-workout wellness area without getting back into hydration. Finally, common sense should be remembered, which requires people with heart problems to refrain from going to the sauna.. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the keys to your well-being. And if you want even more, a sauna session after an intense effort in gyms will only benefit your fitness. Provided, of course, not to overdo it, drink a lot and rest between training and the sauna..

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