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Herbalife: Storia di Successi

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Herbalife was born in the early 80s, founded by its creator, Mark Huges, initially producing some formulations useful for weight loss. Hughes' main goal was to find a method for a healthy and gradual weight loss, without the use of toxic substances or substances marketed as "miraculous", which they were not at all. Thanks to the effectiveness of the first formulations proposed by the founder, the Herbalife company actively underwent a process of continuous expansion and improvement, distributing among the best preparations useful for slimming, in the form of meal replacements. The Herbalife method expanded not only in America, but first also in Canada and then in England, Australia, Spain, Israel and New Zealand. The company's average annual turnover turned into numbers with many zeros, sometimes with truly incredible peaks. After only six years of its birth, Herbalife comes quoted at the stock exchange. In 1992, sales reached $21 million. The first collaborators were born, gods independent distributors who, thanks to the support of Herbalife, promoted his system all over the world. An infinite chain of people, enthusiastic about their self-employment, and happy both to use and to market to others cutting-edge formulations, certified by the ministries of health, effective and coming from controlled raw materials, at the highest quality level. Herbalife expanded into many countries, with staggering turnover figures, beyond 7 billion dollars year.


All Herbalife formulations are born in the laboratory, followed by a staff of medical experts and researchers, including even a Nobel Prize for Medicine. Every day this unsurpassed team aims to improve the product, guaranteeing 100% safety for the final consumer. The customer is the basis of all the work of the company and its collaborators. A satisfied consumer will make the company bigger. For over 30 years, Herbalife has set itself the goal of satisfying the individual in the search for a better state of health, from weight control bodily, to asport activity controlled agonistic, but also with aesthetic lines for a truly enviable body. Over time, in fact, other lines have been born that are not purely food, but based on genuine active ingredients and carefully studied and prepared in the Herbalife laboratories. Many innovative products to supplement food deficiencies, to support the body during training, and to smooth and hydrate the skin on a daily basis. All items created and marketed by Herbalife are also guaranteed by formula "satisfied or refunded". In fact, the company wants to have only fully satisfied customers, who tend to retain and recommend Herbalife products. A company history full of successes and goals achieved.

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