Herbalife in the Guinness World Record

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Herbalife nel Guinness World Record
Another success for Herbalife, a well-known brand known worldwide for its product lines and for the sale of food supplements designed to helplose weight and for theskin care. In fact, Herbalife has managed to set a Guinness record. The global multinational has been able to involve, in a so-called HIIT training, that is a High Intensity Interval Training, the highest number of people in a day.

Double success

A success that Herbalife has therefore projected intoGuinness World Record. But not only. In fact, the Herbalife note, one of the leading benchmarks in the nutrition industry aimed at weight loss, also managed, together with its members, to set a further record simultaneously. Not for nothing, Herbalife, in addition to being able to involve the highest number of people in a Hiit workout, has managed to carry out a High Intensity Interval Training with the highest number of participants in the same place. The theater of this mammoth enterprise was the LA Live Plaza in Los Angeles which was filled with nearly four thousand attendees. A complex titanic operation, also in consideration of the fact that the previous record to beat saw 1,045 participants.

The satisfaction of top management

Of course, Herbalife's top floor satisfaction was complete. A perfect organization and a proven loyalty that has seen numerous loyalists and members take action in over eighty countries around the globe. Customers in the company of friends and relatives. Everyone wanted to actively contribute to the achievement of this incredible result. Levento was hosted both in clubs and in parks, as well as public spaces were cheerfully stormed to carry out training..

The day of success

Operations began at 9 am on Saturday 7 March in New Zealand, and more precisely in the city of Auckland. Therefore, also on the basis of the various time zones, the workouts have been developed in every region of the globe, passing from Singapore to arrive in the United States, passing, gradually, all the various countries. Therefore, Herbalife has shown once again what the potential of its perfect organization can be, which in this case has led it to triumph by reaching a historic milestone, such as that of entering the Guinness World Record..

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