Herbalife: work with us! All the answers to your questions about working for Herbalife as an independent distributor

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Herbalife: lavora con noi! Tutte le risposte ai tuoi dubbi sul lavorare per Herbalife come distributore indipendente
Enter the Herbalife world as an official independent Herbalife distributor: your fully autonomous business is at your fingertips. Why should you do this? Discover the benefits of becoming an independent Herbalife member today. Work with us to get incredible benefits right away!

What are the benefits of becoming an independent Herbalife member?

First of all, you get first-hand experience of safe, effective and amazing nutritional products at a 25% discount price. The discounts you are eligible for as an independent Herbalife distributor may also escalate based on your commitment to your Herbalife distributor business. The discounts range from 25% to 50% passing through Herbalife intermediate discount ranges of 35% and 42%. Then, you are never left alone and you are in excellent hands. Herbalife is an established company with billions of dollars in annual revenues, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ), and has been growing since its founding in 1980. Herbalife Nutrition rewards your efforts very well. The Herbalife Compensation Plan pays its distributors 73% of gross sales. Your earnings come from multiple sources: retail profits, commissions and royalties from the people you've sponsored, production bonuses based on achievements, reward vacations to exotic locations. Your activities are completely independent, but you are never left alone: the entire company and the distributor network are always by your side. In addition, the opportunity to continuously learn while you earn and to be constantly in contact with a lively and active environment: the company and the distributors offer excellent online and offline training programs. Join Herbalife by joining our team for a unique online business building strategy and work with us! You may be wondering how the profits and bonuses are stable from the Herbalife company. Well, the company calculates sales based on volume points, but what are Herbalife volume points? What are Herbalife Volume Points? Each Herbalife product is assigned a volume point. For example, Herbalife formula 1 shake earns 23.95 Volume Points in all countries of the world. This is to equalize sales from current currencies in all countries where Herbalife is present.

What are the discounts you are entitled to if you become an independent Herbalife distributor and how do you get them?

25% discount

Purchase a Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) and register as an independent Herbalife member. As soon as the contract is signed, you will be entitled to a 25% discount on all Herbalife products, forever!

35% discount

Become a Senior Advisor by reaching 500 Volume Points in one month and get 35% off all Herbalife products instantly. This count also includes part of the sales volume of your down line, i.e. people you sponsored who became independent Herbalife distributors because of you. Once you qualify as a Senior Consultant, you will retain your right to the 35% discount forever, even if you no longer sell any products to others. This is a great option! While our motto is “Herbalife: Work With Us,” you don't necessarily want to make sales. If, however, you're serious about changing your health and eating habits, even if you're just using Herbalife for yourself and your family, then you'll get the best possible price on all Herbalife products. The 35% discount, once reached, is valid forever!

42% discount

Become a Qualified Herbalife Producer by achieving 2,500 Volume Points in one to three consecutive months. 1,000 Volume Points must be personally purchased to qualify for this.

50% off%

Become a Herbalife supervisor and get 50% off Herbalife products. There are 3 different ways you can qualify for the Supervisor position: Method #1. 1: Earn 4,000 Volume Points in one month, of which 1,000 Volume Points must be unoccupied, i.e. not be used by anyone else in your downline to qualify or requalify as a supervisor. Method No. 2: Accumulate 4,000 volume points for two consecutive months, with at least 1,000 free volume points. Method No. 3: Accumulate 4,000 volume points over a three to twelve month period, with at least 2,000 free volume points.

Where can I get training as a new Herbalife member?

From your Herbalife office online on the myherbalife portal, access to which you will be provided once you sign your contract with Herbalife. From your sponsor. (if you choose us, we will provide you with all the necessary training so that you too can become a successful distributor: contact us and work with us!) From the materials provided in the Herbalife member pack From local, national and international Herbalife training events – there are many events organized by distributors and by the company to build networking and awareness among all involved.

If I sign the contract with Herbalife, do I have to order products every month and pay a fixed cost?

No! Once you have purchased the Herbalife Member Pack you are completely free to choose the quantities you want to buy for yourself or to sell to others. By reading the Herbalife Gold Standard Guarantees within the agreement contained in the Herbalife Member Pack, you will see that there are no minimum purchase requirements. Order Herbalife products exclusively how and when you want.

Do I need to sponsor other Herbalife members?

No! Working with Herbalife is totally free! Sponsoring new Herbalife members is not a requirement, nor is selling products. Approximately 90% of people who join Herbalife as members do so purely to purchase their products at a discount.

How much does a Herbalife member package cost?

58.22 euros on this site. L’Herbalife Member Pack contiene:
  • The license to sign the contract
  • A Formula 1 Herbalife product
  • Uno shaker
  • A measuring spoon
  • The welcome letter
  • A price list
  • 2 DVDs, brochures and flyers containing information on products and to carry out the activity of distributor
  • The Guide Book "Manual of well-being"
  • The “I love Herbalife” magnetic pin
  • The pin “Do you want to lose weight
What are you waiting for! Join Herbalife: work with us!

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