Is Herbalife Safe?

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Herbalife è sicuro?

Herbalife is safe and natural?

The Herbalife nutrition program is based entirely on herbal food products. The program uses no drugs, medications, hormones, or other synthetic agents to promote weight loss. All the ingredients in the program must meet three important conditions: purity, potency and stability. This is how we maintain the high level of quality associated with the Herbalife nutrition program name.

I have a medical condition, do you think it is safe to try these Herbalife products is safeo?

You should know that Herbalife products are dietary supplements and are not intended to cure any disease. Generally Herbalife products are safe, but to be safe you should go to the individual product pages and print the product labels for your doctor. This way you can see if any of the ingredients are not safe for your condition.

I'm pregnant, but I still like to try smoothies.

Pregnant women should NOT participate in the Herbalife program. The program is designed to lose weight, and pregnant women shouldn't try to lose weight until a couple of months after giving birth.

Levels of vitamins, such as vitamin A, are high They are safei?

The levels of vitamins and minerals in all formulas are carefully designed to ensure that the consuming subjects will not develop deficiencies or excesses. All formulas are created to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their nutritional needs, receive optimal nutrition. Studies show that there is no "build-up" of vitamins or minerals associated with the use of these products, including vitamin A. Particular attention has been paid in the formulation of these products to ensure that vitamin A levels are completely safe and not. lead to excess, even when the products are consumed together with a diet rich in vitamin A.

Herbalife products are herbal - they are safe?

Vegetable substances are a generous nutritional gift of nature. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber and related nutrients essential for good health. The herbal blends used in Herbalife products have been created by experts to maximize their nutritional values. The herbs are of the highest quality and available worldwide and are free of pesticide residues and other possible contaminants. The pasteurization of herbal blends takes place under strict quality control to ensure purity and safety.

How do I know Herbalife products are safe and effective?

Herbalife places the highest priority on providing high quality, safe and effective products. The company works closely with scientific and medical advisory councils, a team of distinguished doctors, scientists and nutritional experts, who help develop quality products. Through a donation from Herbalife, the Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory was founded at the University of California, Los Angeles. The laboratory is named after the founder of Herbalife and conducts research to advance in the fields of herbal nutritional science.

They can use all Herbalife products?

Herbalife food products are nutritional food supplements and are therefore exceptionally safe. However, some people in specific risk categories, including children, pregnant or lactating women, insulin-dependent diabetics and those with impaired renal function are advised to consult their physician before starting any loss program. weight, including the Herbalife weight loss program. THEenergy products Herbalife are NOT recommended for people with hypertension to use some of the energy products. It is always advisable to consult a doctor when changing the diet.

The Herbalife program has been tested It is safeo?

Absolutely. The program has had numerous clinical trials in the United States, Great Britain and Italy. All studies have shown that the products are safe and effective in both the short and long term. In addition, each batch of these products is subjected to quality control testing to ensure product integrity before being shipped anywhere in the world.

There are enough fiber and liquids in these products?

When followed as recommended, the program provides approximately two liters of fluid and 25 grams of fiber. This is more than what is found in the average diet of industrialized countries and is the level recommended by health authorities around the world.

The Herbalife program is recommended by doctors for its safety?

Absolutely. The Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee tests and researches these products and continuously monitors the results reports submitted by customers and distributors. In addition, many doctors and other healthcare professionals in all parts of the world use these products both in their personal lives and in their private practices.

Herbalife products are suitable for children and adolescents?

We strongly believe that teenagers and younger children should focus on healthy eating and incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine to achieve healthy weight management.

Children use our other products?

Herbalife has products specially designed for children. Parents can provide children with products such asFormula 1 as a source of healthy nutrition within a complete nutritional program. We do not refer to these products as meal replacements for children. rvghl1]

You have kidney problems, I can use Herbalife?

Patients with kidney conditions, nephrotic syndrome, a kidney, kidney transplant, dialysis, etc ... are advised to consult their personal physician before starting the use of any Herbalife program because they are likely to have protein intake limits or other problems that require expert guidance.ta.

Herbalife products have a high caffeine content?

No, Herbalife products do not contain caffeine. A typical cup of coffee contains around 85 mg of caffeine per cup. Per serving, Herbalife teas, tablets and effervescent products contain between 65 and 75 mg of caffeine per serving. We recommend around 250 mg of caffeine per day.

Herbalife products prevent / cure diseases such as diabetes, cancer and thyroid conditions?

Herbalife products are NOT medicines. They are not a cure or a substitute for medical treatment or medication. However, they are able to improve health by providing people with the balanced nutrition that the human body needs every day.

How do I talk to my doctor about Herbalife?

It is very easy to discuss the products with your doctor. Remove the Herbalife ingredient label from the product container or download and print the label of any Herbalife product from this website) and take her to the doctor. Then simply ask the doctor: "There are ingredients on this label that can create problems for my medical condition""

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