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Nutrition, training, integration, rest

Herbalife is the sponsor of sports around the world

Herbalife e lo sport


Ever since it was born and began operating on the sports integration market in 1980, Herbalife has proven to have all it takes to become one of the leading manufacturers in the sector.

As a company it has always thought big by putting it scientific research And development of their products in the foreground. All this with the aim of satisfying the requests of each potential customer as much as possible, give them sporty which aims to raise its performance to the sedentary who simply wants to stay fit by losing a few pounds.

Herbalife has now reached levels of diffusion without a shadow of a doubt enviable and between physical stores and online stores the sale of Herbalife products has always had a continuous growth trend over time.

To realize this, it is enough to analyze the numbers regarding the requests to become membro Herbalife and take advantage of discounts through the card. Or requests to become distributore Herbalife and sell Herbalife products live or online.

Nutrition, training, integration, rest

Every professional sportsman or anyone who practices a sport with commitment and dedication knows the key principles that allow him to achieve growing results in time.

After all, everyone's goal is precisely to be able to achieve ever better results as the experience grows. For this reason, great attention has always been paid to analyzing and understanding which are the best possible ways to achieve this coveted result.

In this sense, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish three large macro areas of interest for sportsmen and women: training, supply And recovery.

These can also be seen as three stages that follow and repeat in a continuous cycle.

Certainly to excel in a sport it is of fundamental importance to train at your best, with perseverance and commitment, without ever giving up or losing heart. But doing so certainly means engaging in an arduous undertaking that will involve enormous physical and mental effort.

The first support of the sportsman in his self-growth journey is, and always remains, the food.

Nutrition plays just as important a role as training.

For many experts, this aspect even comes before practicing sport because it is through food that we build and maintain ours health state.

We can therefore deduce the importance of following a diet for those who practice sports and frequent physical activities in general.

First of all, the calorie consumption of an athlete is decidedly higher than those who do not practice any activity and lead a purely sedentary lifestyle. being the energy requirements higher it is normal that the diet must be calibrated on these specific parameters and at the same time must always be balanced, with a view to allowing the athlete an effective progression in the sporting arena.

Based on the specific sport practiced and the result to be achieved, the diet will be the suitable fuel, based mainly on calorie calculation It is on macronutrient balance (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

But it can happen, for those with high needs, that food may not be a sufficient source. To support a healthy and balanced diet, therefore, intervenes thefood integration.

Food supplementation plays a truly important role in the training of the athlete but too often it is confused, by the most inexperienced in the field, with the intake of substances that enhance sports performance (in an illegal way as well as absolutely risky for health).

Let's immediately debunk the myth "integration = doping" or "integration = damage to health" because that is not the case at all.

First of all, in fact, we must understand that integrating the diet absolutely does not mean taking doping substances that lead to terrible contraindications and alterations of human health and from which Herbalife dissociates itself in the most absolute way.

In reality, a sports supplement is nothing more than the concentrate of some elements that are already present in the foods we eat every day but which, in addition to finding it in higher concentrations, are more practical to consume and, in some cases, even cheaper.

Let's think about protein powder or to one of the supplements most taken by sportsmen from all over the world: le creatine.

Getting enough protein or creatine through food can mean having to consume large amounts of food. With a supplement everything is easier, faster and more sustainable for our body and for our wallet.

Exploiting supplements in the right way, that is by taking those most suited to our real needs, in the right concentrations and at the moments that represent the optimal timing for the body, is of fundamental importance.

Finally, the last area of interest: the post activity recovery.

Rest represents the completion of the "athlete's circle." Without a good rest you cannot start training again every day and progress over time. It is thanks to rest that our body can recover and face new challenges, without it we cannot proceed effectively along our sporting journey. It is therefore important not to underestimate this aspect and try to sleep every night restful sleep for more than enough hours to guarantee a full recovery of energy.

Herbalife is the sponsor of sports around the world

By sponsoring more than 130 athletes from all over the world (including the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo), teams, national Olympic committees and sporting events, Herbalife has become synonymous with physical activity and nutrition aimed at improving performance.

Even in Italy Herbalife has obtained the full consent of authoritative representatives of sport worldwide such as CONES (Italian National Olympic Committee), the END (Italian Swimming Federation) and the FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) officially becoming the supplier of supplements of our national champions.

Herbalife offers all its expertise in the field and is committed to spreading the maximum culture on sports nutrition and supplementation.

For this reason, it studies protocols that make it possible to define guidelines for refining food plans aimed at sportsmen and women, which take into account the precise needs dictated by the specific discipline practiced and the role to which they belong.

Much of this information is collected in the volumes constituting the Herbalife project in collaboration with CONI: "Nutrition and dietary supplementation in sports practice”.

These volumes analyze the needs of sportsmen who practice aerobic, anaerobic, resistance, power and dexterity sports, showing the salient aspects of each sport and outlining the details that need to be better cared for as regards nutrition and integration.

In this four-volume collection Herbalife deals comprehensively with the topic showing its potential in providing high quality products aimed at giving the necessary support to sportsmen from many different disciplines.

In fact, Herbalife has the opportunity to offer every sportsman various products capable of satisfying the most varied needs. Currently in physical Herbalife stores or online Herbalife stores you can buy products for sport and for the gym, from the simplest protein bars until you get to products that are the result of years of research and extremely complete, aimed at providing energy, resistance, concentration or, perhaps, optimizing post-stress recovery.

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