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HERBALIFE allows you to make a weight loss diet. Herbalife is known for multi-level marketing. The Herbalife diet is a scientifically studied formula, in which individual meals are replaced by specific Herbalife diet products shakes in different flavors. There are also various food supplements available that are produced to ensure the complete intake of all essential nutrients of the body, such ase fibers orvitamins tablets.

Origin of the diet

Herbalife Diet was created in 1980 by Mark Hughes, who brought the American company Herbalife International to market. Products are distributed through multi-level marketing, which involves direct sales through Herbalife distributors. Customers can become independent Herbalife distributors / consultants, and are recruited by other distributors.

Retail nutrition

Herbalife weight loss diet must start with the basic weight management program. The weight management program includes:The Formula 1 Smoothie  it is the main product in vanilla, chocolate, tropical fruit, biscuits and cream and cappuccino flavors. Formula 1 is a meal replacement: one serving corresponds to a meal: two tablespoons of 26g powder stirred with 250ml of skim milk. A day 1-2 meals are replaced with a Herbalife formula 1 smoothie. The product contains 217 kcal 914 kJ, 17.6 g of protein, 21.6 g of carbohydrates of which 20.9 g of sugar, 6.7 g of fat, 2.5 g of dietary fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. A 550g can is enough for around 20 servings and costs around 42 euros. After formula 1 it is essential to also associate a supplementgratore Formula 2 containing vitamin A, vitamin C and E, B-vitamins and calcium.Fiber from oat shells: Contains spelled oat bran, apple cider vinegar, a blend of herbs and papaya powders. This blend should be taken before meals to quench hunger and provide fiber. Get off on the right foot withThermo Complete:contains vitamin C, selected seeds, roots and herbs. The pacts are also meant to support metabolism and digestion. They are also associated with the basic programFormula 3, a protein powder, as well as various "Optimizers" andbars high protein to support the Herbalife diet. Herbalife on a diet only includes Formula 1 Shakes and Snack Support products to include for the first two days. On days 3 and 4 you should eat normally. From the second week, Herbalife products are combined with normal meals..

Duration of the diet

It communicates an exact, limited diet period, but the products can be part of the daily diet for life, for weight maintenance and for other specific needs. In fact, the products in Herbalife for the diet are not simple slimming products, but a real lifestyle.


  • The rapid preparation of smoothies
  • Quick Start Weight Loss
  • Too little fiber: needs to be balanced with nutritional supplements

Losing weight: with the Herbalife Diet you can really do it?

Initial successes are, at least initially, set very quickly. Given the low amount of calories consumed, for example, take a Formula 1 smoothie twice every day, with a calorie content of 434 kcal, to which add the calories of an additional normal meal 1x 550 kcal: the total intake of calories per day in this example it is 984 kcal a rapid weight loss is assumed. Calories or counting points are not needed on the Herbalife diet - this is a big plus, because counting the calories consumed can be really demoralizing when dieting.a.

Sport & amp; Movement

Herbalife consultants often organize days outdoors for sport and exercise, which should always be an essential part of any diet plan.

Nutritional elements evaluation

The content of a Herbalife diet corresponds to a dietary content. They are prepared with low-fat milk. contain all the nutrients that must legally be included in a meal replacement product. However, this does not guarantee that automatically prepared meals, which will be combined with the Week 2 Formula products, are balanced.

Example of a typical day with Herbalife Diet

Breakfast: Formula 1 smoothie, 2 packs of oat spelled bran, Formula 2, SnackLunch: Formula 1 Smoothie, 2 packs of spelled bran oats, Formula 2, SnackEvening: poultry with vegetables and salad, 2 packs of oat spelled bran, Formula 2


The customer must be accompanied by the Herbalife sales partner on his way to lose weight. The consultant "develops an individual solution, eg a personalized meal plan". Anyone who is already eating healthy and calorie conscious will have no problem with customizing their diet. Those in difficulty can always contact the Herbalife distributor from which they obtain supplies to guarantee immediate support. After all, you don't want to eat long-term smoothies and pills, especially since you will eventually spend a lot of money on eating diet-specific products all the time. Not that it's wrong per se, but the portfolio is sadly limited. The automatically prepared meals to be combined with Formula products from the second week onwards are balanced.

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