Herbalife alle Olympics in Tokyo 2020

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Herbalife alle Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2020

Herbalife alle Olympics in Tokyo 2020

The Olympics threatened by Covid



the Olympics in Tokyo they concluded with the closing ceremony of the Games on Sunday 8 August after 17 days in which the biggest sporting event in the world faced a new, aggressive wave of Covid. Italy, on the strength of a particularly favorable year, has broken the records of los angeles 1932 And Rome 1960 reaching altitude 40 medals.

After having distinguished itself in Europe with the victory of the European Football Championships and ofEurovision (not only in sport the brand Italia is experiencing a fertile period) this result at the Tokyo Olympics makes our nation proud.

Herbalife, as CONI official partner was naturally present at the Tokyo Olympic Games to support our athletes in the arduous task of conquering new peaks in the various Olympic disciplines.


Herbalife alle Olipiadi in Tokyo 2020

Herbalife Olipiadi Tokyo 2020

Herbalife has always been close to the world of sport and the athletes who take part in the Olympics are sportsmen who need to strictly follow a diet aimed at maximum performance in terms of sports performance.

Therefore, the joint effort of science and experience in the world of nutrition is needed to offer products capable of satisfying the needs of professionals in such a delicate and important moment for their careers. In a word, what you need is: Herbalife.

The linea Herbalife H24 contains all the products needed to build the diet of those who practice sport, for passion or as a job, with the aim of obtaining maximum performance from themselves and continuous improvement of performance over time.

This year Herbalife also became the official supplier of the Indian team that participated in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Under the terms of the agreement, Herbalife was the official nutritional partner of Team India in during the course of the Games. Over 100 Indian athletes and sportsmen represented India in Tokyo in sports such as: boxing, table tennis, badminton, track and field, tennis, fencing and archery.


The Olympics threatened by Covid

Herbalife covid 2020

Of course the Olympics in Tokyo they did not take place with the normal serenity of any sporting event prior to the year 0 of the Covid: the 2020.

Spectators have been banned at most events and visitor movements have been placed under unprecedented restrictions in an attempt to contain the virus at the expense of its usual celebratory atmosphere. World records fell, and competitive drama unfolded in arenas populated solely by team officials, Olympic volunteers, and the media.

Everything worked as expected. Although dozens of athletes, officials and workers turned out positive for Covid-19 and the number of infections across Tokyo hit new highs during the Games. This was the biggest fear cited by those who had wanted the Olympics cancelled.

"They were unprecedented Olympic Games," said the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach during the closing ceremony, adding that it took "an equally unprecedented effort to make them happen".

In the hope of a future in which the terrible pandemic we have experienced is an increasingly contained phenomenon until it becomes just a distant memory, we continue to look ahead and appreciate the positive side of things.

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