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Who is Ecologists?

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Herbalife for years it has been synonymous with high scientific research And development, but the care in the realization of its products and the maximum satisfaction of the customers are not the only objectives that are close to the heart of the company.

In fact, Herbalife has always promoted one Green consciousness showing its willingness to support projects and initiatives aimed at environmental support and with humanitarian purposes.

As distributors of this large company that favors and supports everything that is eco-sustainable and pro-environment, we have decided to offer too our contribution.

Starting today, a tree will be planted for every order processed and we will thus support a reforestation project implemented by Ecologi, at no extra cost to our buyers.

We are the only Herbalife distributor in Italy to offer a possibility like this. By purchasing Herbalife products from us, therefore, you too are helping to save the planet and ensuring that a new tree is planted with every order.

We are aware that online purchases have a negative impact on the environment and we want to do something to improve this condition.

By purchasing online, there is a growing CO2 emission into the environment due to the circulation of various couriers who often use old and highly polluting vehicles. In the case of fast deliveries, such as those proposed by Amazon, the use of labor for delivery increases up to almost triple, with a consequent increase also in emissions into the environment.

In light of this, we set ourselves the task of finding a remedy capable of combating the root problem and we established relationships with Ecologists to try to be part of the solution, and not the cause, of the problem.

So let's find out who Ecologists are and what they are doing for us.



Who is Ecologists?



Ecologists is an organization that deals with plant trees with the aim of restore natural habitat And reduce carbon pollution.

So far he has planted over 3 million trees and aims to continue planting at least 12 a month. Ecologists prove to be a top-level climate project capable of accelerating our transition towards a sustainable future.

Ecologi makes use of two important collaborations to make its projects come true: The Eden  Projects And Gold Standard. 

The first deals with reduce extreme poverty And restore forests employing local villagers to plant millions of trees each year.

The second is a certification body that works to ensure that every penny from climate and development finance is used in the most efficient way. transparent And correct possible.

Through these two collaborations he can start his project, which consists in planting mangroves in Madagascar, a large island that makes this nation the eighteenth largest country in the world.

Until last year, in November 2019 all the mangrove trees that supporters have funded through Ecologists have been planted in the various locations their partner works with in Madagascar.

The total area is 1,354 hectares (about 180 square km) and thanks to the hard work that is being put in place, 200 hectares of new mangrove forests will be restored on land previously degraded by charcoal producers.

It's not just about using money to plant trees but it's funding the launch of a new one restoration project community-based, a project that adheres to the highest levels of responsible reforestation practices. This includes independent annual audits to verify that the number of healthy trees is as desired and expected.

A minimum of 13 people will be employed to plant and maintain approximately one million new mangroves each year. As Ecologists members are aware of the tremendous work Eden is doing in creating new local jobs and helping to combat extreme poverty, it is encouraging to know that there will be many families who will benefit.

This funding then implements a comprehensive strategy to protect these trees until they reach maturity. Working with local government will then take this land away from coal producers and others responsible for its degradation. Money and time are being spent creating protection programs and setting up watch patrols for long-term homeland security. 

Furthermore, 10% of the planted mangroves will be native fruit varieties, to allow harvesting and further benefits for the local economy.

Soon we will receive the first updates to see hundreds of thousands of newly planted propagules, grown significantly.

But why are they planting mangrove trees? 

In 2019 a joint letter from 11,000 scientists which signaled an imminent climate emergency, had chosen mangrove restoration as a major one natural climate solutions. 

Suffice to say, they store four times as much carbon as a tropical rainforest, and three-quarters of all tropical fish are born in their roots.

If you want more information about Ecologists or stay updated on the ongoing reforestation project in Madagascar, visit their site:



Herbalife e l'ON




For good intentions to become reality, they must be backed up by a well-crafted plan. A roadmap to move from simple will to effective transformation of the world. This is what the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are about, the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. 

The United Nations addresses global challenges related to hunger, health, education, environmental degradation, peace, justice and many others.

This is the opinion of death gimbel, senior vice president of global government affairs at Herbalife Nutrition. 

Tod oversees government affairs activities in the more than 90 markets in which Herbalife does business around the world. He is a key ambassador and advocate who helps tell the Herbalife story while maintaining the company's reputation and brand.

Again according to Tod Gimbel Herbalife is in line with many of the UN goals and the work done daily by independent distributors helps to promote them.

For example, the UN's goal number two is "zero hunger", which aims to ensure that everyone has access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round. Herbalife products are a convenient alternative for people who would otherwise find it difficult, due to availability or accessibility, to consume a meal.

Another important contribution was made to the UN goal number three, "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages", through nutrition associations. Herbalife's continued focus on grassroots engagement focused on wellness and nutrition through its network of nutrition clubs operated by independent Herbalife distributors has enabled consumers around the world to benefit from a combination of good nutrition and a fit, active lifestyle . These associations not only allow easy access to nutritious products, but also feature a warm and friendly environment where members come together to exercise and learn information and advice on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

It is vital to note that these nutrition associations also deliver work And opportunity to people all over the world. With over 90,000 active associations spread across the globe, every single locally operated club doubles as a social enterprise. 

This promotes a business model that is meaningful to the owner and beneficial to the community.




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