Herbalife a Expo 2015

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Herbalife a Expo 2015
Expo 2015 Milan, the largest event ever held on food and nutrition and can be visited until 31 October. The main theme is “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”. For six months, Milan is a world showcase where countries will show the best of their technologies to be able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for the population, respecting the planet and its balance. Herbalife is present inside the pavilion "FOOD and ITALY” with the permanent display of a panel for the entire duration of the event. The stand is managed by Federalimentare, that is, the Italian federation of the food industry, with the participation of AIIPA, the Italian industrial association for food products in the nutrition and health sector, of which Herbalife is a member. FOOD and ITALY it is a place conceived as an epicenter to bring out the image of the main industrial excellences in their reference sectors. Herbalife is present as it excels in enhancing a healthy and active lifestyle, promoting a correct diet based on high quality nutritional products and regular physical activity.

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