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H3O Pro: Idratazione per Sportivi
L’hydration it is a fundamental part of nutrition; water is an essential nutrient because the amount produced by the metabolism is not enough to cover the daily requirement. Aa dehydration decreases plasma volume, sweating, cardiac activity, stamina and cutaneous blood flow. Man can survive without food for a few weeks, but without water for no more than a few days. The organism tries to maintain a constant quantity of liquids in the intra and extra cellular environment through a continuous balance between supply and transfer. With physical activity and an increase in atmospheric temperature, the loss of water due mainly to sweating increases. A child is at risk of deficiency due to the greater percentage of body water; an elderly person is particularly at risk of deficiency because as they age, the stimulus of thirst decreases, while the athlete is at risk of deficiency due to the greater amount of sweat produced during sports activity. If water losses are not adequately compensated, they lead to hypohydration, or reduction of water in the body, particularly in the circulatory system. During exercise increases the production of energy by the muscle cells and this leads the individual to increase their body temperature. This excess heat affects a possible limitation in sports performance and must therefore be eliminated. To ensure a state ofuno stato di optimal hydration at the time of exertion, it is advisable to ingest liquids before exercise; it is not recommended to take large quantities of water in the 45/50 minutes prior to the effort because it can stimulate diuresis and consequently, the elimination of liquids. For theil replenishment of liquids the environmental characteristics in which the work is carried out must be taken into account, therefore humidity, temperature and ventilation; the type of heavy, light, endurance or speed muscle work and clothing used..

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Aideal drink it must be easily absorbed, it must not cause gastrointestinal problems and it must help, as far as possible, to optimize performance. Herbalife H3O Pro is the one for you. It's aisotonic drink which helps you improve your performance because during sports, more is required of the body and therefore it is necessary to provide it with what it needs.. H3O Pro it gives you much more than a normal sports drink or a simple glass of water; an isotonic drink has a concentration of carbohydrates and electrolytes similar to that present in our body and therefore is absorbed with the same speed as water.. H3O Pro can be used before, during and after training; provides 137 kcal per serving, provides vitamins C and E that help protect cells from oxidative stress, contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. DrinkingH3O Pro during exercise serves to keep you hydrated and fill up with energy, electrolytes and antioxidants and to support hydration and energy levels during and after exerciseo. HireH3O Pro for your sporting activity and you can always give your best without loss of energy.

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