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GuaranΓ  Herbalife
Theguarana it is a plant native to South America, typical of countries such as Venezuela and Brazil. For centuries it has been used by the populations of the Amazon for its energizing effects. In fact, the berries of this plant contain a substance called guaranine, with a structure similar to that of caffeine. Guarana has therefore stood outstimulating and toning properties & gt;. It therefore gives a state of slight excitement, increasing the ability to pay attention and mental concentration, reducing fatigue. Guarana therefore has numerous uses:
  • stimulates concentration: this is why it is used by students and those who carry out jobs where a high attention span is required. It is also useful for combating "performance" anxieties.
  • reduces muscle fatigue and increasesphysical endurance
  • can be useful in theweight loss: in fact, the caffeine contained in guarana has thermogenic properties and allows you to burn fat and transform it into energy
  • guarana-herbalife
  • it is sometimes used to treat low blood pressure and to stimulate sexual desire.
Herbalife produces a dietary supplement, theGuarana Herbalife, supplied in practical tablets to always carry with you. Each tablet ofGuarana Herbalife contains 800mg of natural guarana powder, from organic farming. There is no added caffeine, only that naturally contained in Guarana, about 32 mg per tablet, the equivalent of half a cup of coffee.

Why Guarana and not coffee?

Many people wonder why they should prefer a guarana tablet to a cup of coffee. The answer is very simple: guarana has the same tonic-stimulating properties as coffee, but also many more advantages. Let's see which ones:
  • coffee is a"non-food": it is the result of industrial processes that make coffee a concentrate of aromas extracted from practically carbonized grains.
  • the coffee is toxic: Contains only 2kcal per cup but over 200 toxic substances. These include tannin, which can cause damage to health. In fact, tannin inactivates some enzymes in the body that have an irreplaceable function in the metabolization of some nutrients, in particular proteins and other components of milk. Therefore the association of coffee and milk is totally harmful for our body.
  • guarana has aslower absorption on the part of the body, therefore it remains in circulation longer after intake, increasing the duration of its beneficial effects.
  • if you drink sugared coffee, you also introduce a certain amount ofsimple sugars harmful to health.

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