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You are considering whether to join theHerbalife staff? If you are wondering if it is really worth it, on an economic level, to start this type of business, perhaps these few lines will be enough for you.

How to get started?

One of the main reasons that drives a person tobecome it is the opportunity to purchase all the company's products for oneself and for one's family at very affordable prices. Some of these new members, satisfied with the products, also start selling them to colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Hence a small monthly income, in addition to discounts on personal purchases. Others, on the other hand, start with Herbalife precisely to increase their earnings on a monthly basis, choosing a part-time formula. The enthusiasm also arises from the very low initial costs to start the business, that is lo l’purchase of the Herbalife Starter Kit (o Herbalife Member Pack by spending just over 50 euros, which also includes a bottle of Formula 1 worth 45.15. The resulting earning opportunity depends on many factors: both from the entrepreneurial spirit of the distributor, from the business and loyal customers he manages to create, but also from the personal belief that these products are worth, are effective and improve people's health. who use them. A really important push, which also induces the psyche of the new member to advertise Herbalife articles more and more, to create a circle of potential and actual buyers. Another way to increase income is through earningdagno multilevel, that is Herbalife offers you the possibility to bring new partners to the company; the simple registration and purchase of the Herbalife Starter Kit does not determine a direct profit, but you will receive a commission for each sale. This will certainly stimulate you to expand your circle of collaborators, also operating in larger areas, without having to move. Your growth can be exponential, combining your personal purchases, your direct sales to loyal customers, but also to new ones, as well as the indirect earnings you will have on your collaborators. This allows you to createa real income, developing a network of collaborators who work independently for themselves, bringing the distributor alasting and constant economic gain. A winning mechanism, which has been going on for many years and which always satisfies.

How much can you earn?

Speaking of numbers, the average gross compensation in 2013 deriving from the downline, i.e. only the earnings deriving from one's collaborators, without counting those of direct sales of products to customers, wasi €3,412 for the more than 8,500 members of Herbalife Italia with downline collaborators. It is not an incredible figure, but you have to think that it arrived in the pockets of these members, doing practically nothing and with only the investment of about 50 for the purchase of the Herbalife Starter Kit. Herbalife does not ask, does not promise anything and it does not oblige anyone to make monthly purchases or a minimum income. However, it would be a real shame to stay with such low earnings, and not commit a little more to aiming for a fairly stable income over time. Indeed, wellen 116 Herbalife Distributors in Italy they received in 2013 an average of payments of well104.715€. Another 102 distributors achieved earnings of over 30,000 annually. Furthermore, also in 2013, 5 Italian members were officially appointed Millionaire Team Herbalife, and they managed to earn more than 50,000 euros in just one year after an average of 10 years of continuous activity. So, with commitment and patience, you can also touch important gains.tanti.

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