Herbalife Events in Italy and in the World. Exclusive Locations and Dream Trips, but not only

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Gli Eventi Herbalife in Italia e nel Mondo. Location Esclusive e Viaggi da Sogno, ma non solo
Herbalife events are organized throughout the mto spread a new culture of well-being based on the growth of the self through the care of one's psycho-physical balance A healthy lifestyle, constant physical activity and a care for nutrition are the pillars that allow us to rise to greater goals in life. The events of this type are mainly organized by the distributors themselves, which allow people who do not yet know or do not yet fully know the Herbalife world, to get closer to the culture of the company and, above all, to its delicious products.ti. They also existevents dedicated exclusively to distributors, which have another purpose: to reward what Herbalife calls“The Distributor Difference” (the difference of the distributor. Independent distributors spend a lot of time on their business of spreading the corporate message and making sales - Herbalife does not forget their team and recognizes the deserving evangelists due their message. Exclusive locations and dream trips they are the icing on the cake for an activity that already allows you to manage yourself in complete autonomy !!

International events dedicated to independent distributors

The Honors

A week of events dedicated to the Best Distributors around the world in a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. The opportunity for those who have worked hard to step into Herbalife headquarters, walk among the legends of the company, experience the latest technological innovations firsthand, live and be part of a Hollywood Herbalife for a few days!o! At the end of the week the Top Distributors are also rewarded with a substantial check to repay them for the work done. All travel expenses are obviously included.

EMEA Future President Teams Retreatt

The reward holidays dedicated to Herbalife members who manage to achieve a sales score in a given period of time. Extraordinary destinations, luxury hotels, enchanting beaches make your mouth water and are a powerful stimulus to get busy in your work with more energy and vigor than ever!! https://herbalifeemea.com/


Mega events lasting two / three days organized in the major world cities in Europe, the next annual event will be held between 21 and 23 September 2018 in Paris. A big party full of entertainment and speeches by notable speakers where distributors from all over the world gather to hear essential lessons to grow their business. You can hear the biggest announcements of the year firsthand and it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create networks. In short, an opportunity not to be missed.gire. https://www.herbalifeextravaganza.com/

National events: the Italian Summit Herbalifee

Each country organizes well-attended national events. Here the Italian Summit was held in Rome between 12 and 18 February and was also an opportunity to celebrate Herbalife's 25th anniversary in Italy. Over 10,000 members flocked to the call which saw the launch of numerous innovations and the presence of speakers such as Des Walsh, Herbalife World President, and Susan Peterson, the world's number 1 distributor, not to mention Olympic fencing champions and of rowing Arianna Errigo and Giuseppe Vicino..

Special qualification schools and regional schools

In addition, each country has special qualifying schools: for Italy, for example, the Leadership Weekends and the Active World Team school where special guests from international characters Herbalife of the highest levelto hold essential lessons in which new strategies to be adopted to expand one's business are explained.Each event or school also has its own qualifying parties on locationhighlyexclusive.To participate in these events, a certain sales score must be accumulated. Then there are the regional schools organized by the Presidents and Millioners of the region, also here with high-level guests in the HL world. The Triveneto is very strong, but Lombardy is also starting to expand its diffusion in the territory. Next week I myself will participate in a meeting in Veneto: on Friday a dinner in company with other distributors and a training weekend in which I will have the opportunity to meet VIP and President members between champagne and limousines.. The presidents attend these events, so even the young supervisors experience the standard of living that they can build by working hard for a while.

Events for young people: Retreat Generation H

For young people an annual event dedicated this year in Rome between 12 and 18 June is the H Generation Retreat. Young people under the age of 35 are now around 40 of the total of Herbalife independent distributors. Young people have launched H24 sports products and Fit Camps have become more and more numerous, free outdoor group physical activity days at the end of which H24 products for post workout energy recovery are offered.ut.

Business Days

Business Days on Sundays or two-day STS on Saturdays and Sundays are events organized by groups of Millioners with at least one or more Presidents. They are generally held in large hotels or elegant locations.ti. I am Giornatis information and introduction to the basic concepts of the company and the activity,toto Tis to Herbalife Members and Guests.

Events dedicated to those who want to know the companya

There are many events where the company is present. Gorgeous, true But now it's time to talk about those who haven't yet entered the glittering world of Herbalife. How do you approach the Herbalife worlde?

The HOM: Herbalife Opportuniy Meeting

To make the business known, HOM herbalife opportunity meetings are organized in the evening, generally at the GET / Millioner offices, or even in exclusive hotels.i. Information events are often organized at offices or hotels on Saturday afternoons, or even business dinners with the aim of illustrating the company's objectives and creating participation.e. Aperitifs in trendy clubs are more informal events but very suitable for a first approach to the Herbalife world.

Herbalife Taste Experience, customer party, aperitifs or "pize"

Particular attention is paid to those who are approaching or have just approached the Herbalife world. Attempting to actively involve them within the Herbalife world is essential to ensure that the Herbalife message is effectively spread around the world.. The more people participate in this great project, the easier, and faster, we will be able to make the world better!

Countless activities born from the innovative ideas of independent distributors

Distributors make every effort to spread the Herbalife message. All participate with banquets / stands and attend the most varied sporting occasions. We collect names, we make ourselves known, we offer evaluations of psycho-physical well-being, on strategies for weight loss or gain, and precious advice on fitness. These events are always coordinated by a medium / high level person who manages the team. The working methods are many, the most used: - Assessment of the well-being of the person, based on personalized advice - Individual meeting with measurement on the impedance meter platform - Wellness paths: 12 themed meetings in which the concepts of healthy nutrition are explained - Fit Camp outdoor group workouto ) - Skin Party: ie test of external nutrition products. A sort of "do it yourself" facial treatment that is also very popular with kids - Start-up parties at the new member's home to encourage the circle of future customers New members who want to start the business must attend the Academy, a cycle of 12 weekly meetings in which all the elements that make up the management of their own independent business within Herbalife are explained.

What Herbalife offers you?

Herbalife offers you to be part of a successful team, to have unlimited entrances that fit your lifestyle, to manage your time independently, to work from home, to learn to achieve health and wellness goals.

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