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Gli Errori da Evitare con la Bilancia
It seems a trivial procedure, even if often hateful: just get on it, and as if by magic, a small number will appear that, according to our expectations, we will love to madness or hate, attributing the blame to the low battery It will have happened to everyone to think that the scale is broken, or that it needs to replace the battery ... but we often find ourselves in this circumstance because we make some mistakes without realizing it, but which are common to the vast majority of the population.

Mistakes not to make

Weigh yourself too often

It is an attitude that benefits no one; a nice glass of water with zero calories is enough to make the lake of the scale splash up by 3-4 ounces. Weight trend monitoring does not take into account the various daily weightsre

Weigh yourself from clothes

And obvious: it makes no sense. Each piece of clothing has its own weight, and especially if we are in winter, some sweatshirts or velvet pants could be really misleading if worn over the scalesia

Disregard body composition

The number shown on the display is not the only thing that matters: you have to understand if you have a lot lean mass, lots of liquids and so on. Some professional bathroom scales now not even so expensive are able to tell you in a few secondsi

Weigh yourself in the evening or after meals

Morning and evening are two distinct moments of the day: in the morning you have been fasting for several hours, while in the evening you have breakfast, lunch, dinner and various nibbling on your back, so remember to weigh yourself only in the morning, before breakfastone

Use more than one scale

Each bathroom scale is different from the other on your home scale you will have a weight, and on your mother's one you will surely have another. It is useless to go crazy: try to always weigh yourself on the same scale; what matters is the movement of the weight up or down, not the absolute valueuto

Do not place the scale correctly

All bathroom scales must be placed on a smooth and hard surface: if you place it above a carpet, you will invalidate the weighing

Weigh yourself on Monday

People tend to eat a little more on weekends, because they have more time available, more relaxation, etc. It is forbidden to weigh yourself on Monday morning !!! Better than Friday, anticipating the weekendd

Weigh yourself after trainingo

After sweating, your body weight will be significantly lower, but only due to lack of hydration. The weight, at that moment, will not be true

... The last useful tipe

Don't let the weight you read on the scale affect your whole day; you could indulge in binges dictated by desperation, considerably worsening a situation that, perhaps, was not even compromised, but dictated by some gross mistake made before weighing you. And if you are a woman, avoid stepping on the scale during your period: the retention of those moments could give you the false impression of being fat! If, on the other hand, you think you need a weight loss program, discover our diet tips!

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