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Fitness a casa per raggiungere i propri obbiettivi
Most people think about sports right in clubs and gyms. But even at home, you can achieve your sporting goals. In sport at home you are independent, you have little time to waste and fewer excuses, because you don't have to go anywhere, but you are already there. It just depends on you.

Benefits of sport at home


If you play sports at home, you are independent. Independent of the weather, fixed training times, opening hours or training partners. You don't have to be in the cold in winter or in the field at any time. At home there is the possibility of playing sports, when you want and how you want. You can train early in the morning or late at night (provided you don't wake up your roommates or neighbors)

No spectator to judge you: you are alone with yourself

Especially beginners are often embarrassed to train in public, because they are ashamed of their body or their performance and are reluctant to be watched. It's completely understandable not wanting to work alongside top athletes. Also, women are unfortunately often watched under pressure in gyms. These problems are eliminated at home, because you are training for yourself or have at most one training partner with you.

You don't have the excuse of having little time to devote to sport

Training at home saves a lot of time. You don't have to play sports and the journey to the gym will be spared, which will save you not only time, but also money.

Listen to your music

At home you are your own DJ. There is no more annoying music chosen by others. You decide which songs are playing and how loud they are.

Strength training at home

If the weather is bad or you don't feel like jogging, there are simple exercises to build your endurance at home. This works best with interval training. In interval training, many short but intense loads follow one another, with a break between loads.

Strength training without equipment

For strength training, you don't necessarily need weights or machines. With some bodyweight exercises and everyday items you can do a lot of exercises. You probably already know the typical exercises for the body: push-ups, squats, pull-ups. However, these exercises are essential for strength training at home. It is always important to perform the exercise in the correct position, otherwise you could injure the joints and muscles that are more difficult to recover.

Exercises with everyday objects

A water box (alternative: beer crate ;)) and bottles of water as weights. Do you think you can't push your imagination further? Backpacks, various rods in wood or steel, beds, chairs. You are spoiled for choice. Stretching, mobility You can also use home training as a supplement to other sports. Especially stretching or mobility training saves you from unnecessary damage caused by training without proper warm-up.

Build muscle at home

It is also possible to build muscle at home. These include two components: strength training and proper nutrition. We discussed strength training at home in the last section. If you have dumbbells at home, you are welcome to use them! The other component of building muscle is the diet. You need to be in a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than you burn) to build muscle because the body is only using excess energy. However, that doesn't mean you can eat anything, but 300kcal more a day than you burn is sufficient and recommended. The second most important point is protein intake. You should eat 1.5 to 2 g of protein per pound of body weight to be on the safe side. This is accurate data, but should serve as a guide. Use Herbalife products H24 line created solely for sport in order to guarantee your body all the resources it needs.

Training with sports equipment

Another way to play sports at home is to practice sports equipment. For pure endurance training, devices such as a stationary bike or the treadmill are suitable. They are gentle on the joints, train the cardiovascular system and help with weight loss. Especially for beginners, these devices are perfect.

The rowing machine

However, I would like to introduce my favorite sports equipment for the home - the rowing machine. The biggest advantage of the rowing machine is that it not only trains the legs (like jogging), but more than 80% of the muscles in the human body are stressed. Above all, you strengthen your legs and back, which are neglected in everyday life anyway. As the back muscles are strengthened, rowing training often helps against back pain and the onset of hunchbacks. Furthermore, the guaranteed energy consumption of the rowing machine is higher than in other sports. This is because every stressed muscle needs energy to perform the movement. The rowing machine is one of the most effective weight loss devices. The rudder technique is not as simple as the technique of the other devices, but with a little practice this is not a problem. In addition, the rowing machine, if you master the right technique, turns out to be a friendly tool that does not harm the body. This is another advantage over jogging, which puts a lot of strain on the knees.

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