Life-saving drugs? Here's how and when you can do without it!

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Farmaci salvavita? Ecco come e quando puoi farne a meno!
I life-saving drugs are prescribed by the attending physician or specialist on duty to keep specific pathologies at bay, such as diabetes, insulin resistance The high cholesterol. They are used to guarantee a good state of health and, unfortunately, once a threshold of unease is reached that requires their use, it is difficult to let go of them. Nevertheless prevention is possible. Why risk being tied to real drugs for life, with all the side effects they entail, when there is nothing simpler than loving yourself and treating yourself "from the inside", as a preventive measure? Adopt a healthy lifestyle, which contains good habits such as a healthy dose of daily physical activity (even at a moderate pace) and proper nutrition can already do a lot. But in the age of pollution it is really difficult to provide the body with all the nutrients it would need to safeguard itself from deficiencies and protect itself from free radicals.

So how do you do without life-saving drugs?

It's very simple! To get rid of the hypothesis of having to take life-saving drugs forever, the very widespread (and at the same time demonized) drugs come to our aid natural food supplements! In the field of nutritional supplementation it is easy to fall into misinformation. You see "pills" and automatically you are almost afraid to take them. Well, nothing more wrong. If you think you can save your heart simply by taking a "magic pill", but you've never bothered to supplement your diet with a good dose of Essential Fatty Acids, you're on the wrong track. I benefits of Omega 3 and 6 are now well known.

High cholesterol? Heart problems? Herbalife has the solution for you!

With natural food supplements as ours Herbalifeline Max, which is one of the Omega 3 supplements purest and most present on the market, you can in one fell swoop do good for your heart, your blood pressure, your eyesight and your brain functionality. All "healing" benefits, but that come from simple fish oils. Oils from sustainable sources and encapsulated within vegetable casings. A natural cure that has its roots in the culture of our grandparents, who already loved the so widespread Cod liver oil. The concept is similar, but the capsules guarantee no aftertaste and are more practices to take. What more could you want!? You suffer from high cholesterol and nutrition and physical activity alone are of little use? Before relying on drugs, try our amazing Herbalife Beta Heart in doses of 1/2 teaspoons per day. A vanilla-flavored mix based on beta glucans, fiber and protein has been shown to be able to significantly lower blood cholesterol levels.

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