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It often happens that we notice a change in weight that we really are unable to explain: no big binge, no sandwich between meals and yet, within 3-4 days, an extra kilo peaks on the scale and also on the waistline! But how is that possible? Of course, it can't be body fat, at least not in such a small amount of time. Just think that to accumulatere 1kg of fat you should eat more or less 10,000 calories more than you need. Impossible in a few days. The sudden and almost unjustified gain in weight is often attributable to hearing some sort ofdi water retention… therefore, it could be caused by water. It is in fact also referred to as water weight and is most often, fortunately, temporary.

Causes that determine the purchase of water weighto

For women, the main cause is the menstrual cycle: during the phase that precedes the actual cycle, the body stores a large amount of water, to be released only at a later time, that is, after 2 3 days from the onset of menstruation. In other cases the problem can be solved by modifying, even slightly, thela usual diet, limiting, for example, the consumption of salt. It is not so difficult to get used to a less tasty cuisine, also thanks to the possibility of using all the spices available, to give more flavor to the dishes, thus being able to use a smaller amount of salt, for the benefit of the whole cardio-circulatory system and draining by the kidneys. Another way can be to minimize the consumption ofready-made foods, sausages, soups and industrial sauces.

Water and its variantsi

So far we have talked about how to avoid the accumulation of water inside the body, but we know very well that many people unfortunately do not limit themselves to drinking water, so natural and healthy, but let themselves be carried away by alcohol, carbonated and sweetened drinks, drinks with a lot of caffeine. or theine. It goes without saying that taking all these alternatives to plain water increases the calories consumed throughout the day, resulting in weight gain over time.empo.

Water that makes you lose waterua

Even if you are gaining some water weight, that's not a good reason not to drink at least6-8 glasses of water per day; in reality a continuous and constant hydration helps the body to release the retained water and to dilute all the salt taken.o.

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