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Entra in Herbalife, un'Azienda Meritocratica e Premiante
With the qualification of Herbalife Independent Distributor you will be able to commercialize many wellness products used all over the world for over 30 years

Work with Herbalife for a happy and fulfilling life

You will not have to incur any start-up costs, you will be able to decide how much time to dedicate to your business, and you will be in close contact, even if working independently, with a company that allows you to obtain numerous professional recognitions, benefits and career leaps based on meritocracy and the objectives achieved. Even if we are living in a strong moment of global crisis, the market for supplements and personal care is constantly growing and the number of Herbalife representatives in Italy is increasing year after year.

Why choose Herbalife among the many Network Marketing companies

As an independent distributor, first of all you would become part of a reality that has been managing and dominating the reference market since 1980; 36 years of honorable service are already a guarantee of the effectiveness and quality of the products distributed. Herbalife also offers you an interesting training and support system, to help you take a leap in quality and not settle for a few monthly earnings. You will immediately receive the kit with all the illustrative material you need to start the business, but HL offers you a specific career plan supporting you with continuous training aimed at personal and professional development and growth. There are several distributors who have reached incredible targets, both through direct sales and thanks to indirect earnings, developed thanks to the new collaborators who have entered thanks to their sponsorship. Every year HL celebrates with the most profitable members to show enthusiasm and a 'big family'. Enchanting parties with prominent personalities, conferences and meetings in heavenly hotels, dream vacations for the most deserving and limousine rides for those who have achieved certain goals. An interesting and respectable career plan; getting to the top levels is up to you and how much time and positivity you want to dedicate to your new business.

Herbalife Independent Distributor levels

By starting the business today you will be HL member, and you can buy the products with a 25% discount and resell them to your customers. By reaching 500 volume points in a month, you will be Senior Consultant, you will have a permanent 35% discount and you can also start earning from your downline (indirect sales). With 1,000 volume points in one month you will advance to the rank of Success Builder and you will be entitled to a 42% discount on products. Continuing in the levels, becoming Qualified Producer earnings on your downline will also increase, and reached the next level of the Herbalife ladder, that of Supervisor, you will have 50% profit on direct sales and many other advantages deriving from automatic income from brokerages and royalties and you will have access to top-level schools and training and personal growth meetings. From the Supervisor level upwards, the “climbing the book of dreams” opens. By making a serious commitment and with the support of your sponsor and the team, you will be able to access a career plan that will allow you to build a business in which you are your own entrepreneur with an income that will last forever. Contact us for more information and to schedule an information meeting.

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