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A life always running for everyone: children, athletes, adults; everyone, some more and some less, is always busy in multiple activities and often a whole day is not enough to complete all the commitments. This, in most people, involves physical and mental fatigue and therefore one feels fatigued and listless. When you have these symptoms, you think about resorting toal coffee or a energy drinks to have that office that the body needs to perform all the tasks

Energy drinks are bad?

These drinks, rich in sugar,promote juvenile obesitye, they can induce wrong behaviors and can interfere in an abnormal way on the nervous system. Young people in particular use it, but no one talks about the risks involved in taking these energizers, especially if used in excessive doses. The mix of ingredients contained in these brightly colored cans, is almost always unknown to consumers, but what is more important is the message that comes from the slogan and from the advertising that induces to buy. In the United States, Energy drinks, including the best known, Red Bull, have been under accusation for some time for the consequences, even serious, they can cause if consumed in large quantities.

Energy from vitamins

Herbalife proposesLiftoff, oneEffervescent and low-calorie energy drink with caffeine and rich in vitamins that serve to promote memory and concentration and contribute to normal energy metabolism. When fatigue and stress take over, with a single effervescent tablet ofLiftoff dissolved in water, you find the right determination to go forward. Here you can find a comparison tableLiftoff to the most important energy drinks on the market: you can see for yourself the benefits of this drink!




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