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Many are askingwhere to buy Herbalife:"my friend told me about it, but I don't know where to go to get it", or"there was a friend of mine who sold the products but now he's moved" and many other similar questions. Someone wonders if the products are in a pharmacy, supermarket or some particular store. The answer is no, Herbalife is not found in any physical store. You will never find Herbalife products on the shelves. However, you can buy Herbalife products directly online, in a few minutes and in total safety,clicking here.

Because there are no Herbalife stores Where to buy Herbalife productse

The sale of Herbalife products is entrusted to independent distributorsHerbalife Sales Representatives. There are thousands of them all over the Italian territory! This system allows direct contact between the seller and the customer, and allows the Distributor, who has received specific and in-depth training, to follow the customer assisting him untilachieving desired results. This distribution method, Network Marketing, allows the company to save money on advertising which occurs mainly by word of mouth by investing more in aa scientific research already of the highest level for the development of ever better products. Furthermore, the advantage for the customer is the possibility of always having a distributor available who can provide him with personalized assistance according to his needs.

It is possible to buy the products online?

Certainly. For those who do not have time to contact a distributor, or do not know one, or for any other reason, it is always possible to purchase Herbalife products online. On this site it is possible to conclude thepurchase of products in a few clicks, withany payment method: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, bulletin or cash on delivery. The products will be delivered to your door insun 24-48h working,without shipping costs!

Guarantees and safety

All products purchased on this site are covered by a warranty30 days money back guarantee and are delivered directly from Herbalife warehouses to the end user by primary courier within 24/48 hours from the order. Payments on this site aresafe thanks to the 256-bit encryption, the same that also banks and credit institutions use. In addition, the site staff is always at your disposal for every need: contact us freely,click here! You will receive a comprehensive answer to all your questions and, if you wish, personalized individual assistance will be provided free of charge.

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