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Dimagrire in Menopausa
Menopause is a season that all women go through, sooner or later. Menopause comes inexorably for everyone. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a sad and nostalgic moment, but it can also accompany a period without stress and particular anxieties, especially for those women who have not had an easy life with their menstrual flow. But unfortunately, as regards metabolism, menopause is not a good ally. The rhythms of the body change, and with them the metabolism tends to slow down. But don't let yourself be demoralized by all these negative circumstances,e, even in menopause you can lose weight, and without too many restrictions!

The menopause diet

Here are the focal points you should never lose sight of when tackling a weight loss diet during menopause:
  1. Eat strictly healthy. It seems trivial, also because it is a rule that applies to everyone, from children to the elderly; but especially after 50, women should be very careful about what they present on the table, especially for themselves. There are many diseases lurking, typical of age, related to nutrition. So low in fat, light cooking, lots of fruit and vegetables!a!
  2. Drink 1.5-2 liters of water per dayo, also in the form of tea, herbal teas, juices and so on. A continuous and sufficient hydration favors the elimination of waste and toxins and, above all, allows to deflate the typical belly of the door, as well as swollen and painful ankles and legs. So always keep a bottle on hand!ta!
  3. Movement, physical activity, or even simply avoiding the bus and walking for 1 hour a day are necessary rules for the proper functioning of the bones and muscles, and a valid support for the cardio-circulatory system. Never be too sluggish and enjoy the outdoors, and if it rains a little exercise bike in the living room!iorno!
  4. Control the sudden changes in life and daily stresso it is an optimal solution not only for the health of the psyche, but also to avoid finding consolation in food or in a few too many glasses. Women in this phase of their life are subject to strong moments of sadness damn hormones! and often they tend to compensate for these malfunctions by opening the refrigerator.ro.
  5. Sleep as much as possible: at least 7-8 hours a day. If that's impossible to do all at once, take an afternoon nap. The body and mind need to rest. Moreover, sleep causes the body to produce substances that increase the sense of satiety..

What foods to prefer during menopause

The best diet is the healthiest and most varied possible; in any case the usual old ones5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day they are a must and must never be forgotten; women after the door must also take an important dose of calcium, so green light a a milk (possibly skimmed e yogurt (better if thin; low-fat cheeses and a few small flakes of parmesan are also good. White meat and baked fish, a few eggs and at least 3 times a week here is the perfect diet to be able to dispose of a few pounds even in menopause, without particular sacrifices!e!

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