Flash diets: tips and dangers. Is a Herbalife crash diet possible?

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Diete lampo: consigli e pericoli. Una dieta lampo Herbalife è possibile?
Vacation is just around the corner, but not feeling fit for the beach? A crash diet should help you lose a few pounds in just a few days. Is it really possible? It's dangerous?

The definition of the crash diet

A crash diet consists of losing as many kilograms in the shortest time possible. Different dietary approaches can differ greatly from each other. If you Google "Flash Diet," you'll probably come across the "18 pounds in 7 days" diet sooner or later. Losing even 8 kilograms in a week sounds very promising, of course. But how is it supposed to work?

How does the "8 kilos in 7 days" diet work?

With this crash diet, you focus on a different nutritional approach every day. On the first day of the crash diet, you only eat fruit (but no bananas are allowed). Day two focuses on vegetables, with potatoes ready for breakfast. On the third day, you can mix vegetables and fruits, but without bananas and potatoes. On day 4, however, only 10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk are allowed, which scream to be used as smoothies. On day 5 there is almost exclusively meat. Lean chicken or fish and 8 tomatoes are allowed. Also, you should drink at least 15 glasses of water to flush uric acid out of your body. On the sixth day, there is red meat (lamb, beef or pork) and as many vegetables as you like. On the seventh and final day, bring rice (preferably brown rice) and vegetables to the menu. Allowed a potato as well as vegetable and fruit juice. As you can see, the menu is quite strict. Quantities are limited in the diet depending on the food. However, you should enjoy everything in moderation and, as much as your plan allows, make as many variations to your diet as possible.

Is a 1 week or 2 week plan enough?

Surely the scale will count less weight after 7 days of the "8 kilos in 7 days" diet. The problem is that weight loss mainly comes from the loss of water and muscle mass. Because in such a short time you can usually lose a maximum of one kilogram of fat - and that is important when losing weight. Therefore, the result is rather counterproductive, even if you carry less weight on the scale. And, presumably, there will be a small difference visually as well. However, losing muscle mass is the worst thing to do when dieting. Muscles burn calories. If you have less muscle mass after the risk diet, you will have a higher calorie surplus than before the diet. Thus, the yo-yo effect is not only preprogrammed, but will also have a particularly impact on the quality of our life.

Some examples of crash diets

In today's time, where more and more people in industrialized nations suffer from obesity, there are also more and more supposedly effective antidotes for excess pounds. Risk diets are one form of such remedies, especially for those who want to lose a lot of weight quickly. The selection of different flash diets, as they are also called, is long. We have selected a few examples:

The Juice Diet

In this short-term diet, only fruit and vegetable juices are drunk. Both are available in supermarkets - juices and countless recipes for self-mixing, which is usually much cheaper.

The 24 hour diet

This Flash Diet is based on a tight sports schedule and a low-carb diet. It is said to bring up to two kilos of weight loss in just one day.

The 2 day diet

With this diet, only 600 kilocalories can be consumed in two days together. The rest of the week you can eat normally.

The 8 hour diet

In this crash diet, food intake is limited to 8 hours a day. It is also called part-time fasting.

Slimming water

The slimming water consists of ginger, lemon, mint and cucumber. This drink must be drunk before each meal. Fills the stomach, giving a sense of satiety, and you eat less.

Herbalife crash diet?

Not really. There is a Herbalife diet nutrition program that involves replacing two meals a day with two servings of Herbalife Formula 1 Smoothie. Another nutritional program for weight maintenance involves taking 1 portion of Herbalife Formula 1 shake after one of the two meals of the day. I Herbalife products they can also be used for a crash diet, but care must be taken not to leave the body deprived of essential nutrients. The dietary nutritional program proposed by Herbalife is already a substantial reduction in the calories consumed during the day. The result, however, will be much more lasting than your past attempts. Two factors can support you: the knowledge of the fact that Herbalife products are the most consumed products in the world in the field of meal replacements and food supplements; Herbalife's team of independent distributors is always at your disposal to advise you on taking Herbalife products. Herbalife food supplements can help support you during periods of particularly heavy diets. In this way you will have the certainty of being supported by a perfectly functioning body, albeit with a lower fuel availability.

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