High protein diets vs balanced diets

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Diete Iperproteiche vs Diete Bilanciate
In recent years there has been a huge increase in diets, more or less famous, decidedly hyper-protein, which favor a daily intake of proteins at the expense of carbohydrates. Some are lower in fat, some less. The The Whole Diet is undoubtedly the most famous, at the moment. It is true that it is well known because, in fact, it makes people lose weight, even by a lot, in a short time; after all, however, not all the problems that this type of power supply can cause are always highlighted.

Proteins in the body

Basically, it has been demonstrated for many years now that the human organism is capable of synthesizing and dispose of a certain amount of daily protein. They vary according to age and lifestyle. An athlete will certainly be able to metabolize a greater quantity of proteins than the classic employee who travels by bus and does not go to the gym. But beyond a certain amount, these proteins are not used, and end up weighing down, and by a lot, liver and kidneys. Normally, by carrying out in-depth analyzes on patients who have fed mainly on protein foods for months, we witness a worsening of the state of these two organs, so fundamental for the well-being of the person. Pre-existing pathologies, above all to the detriment of the liver, such as cirrhosis, must absolutely make the patient desist from undergoing a high protein diet. Even gout is attributable, even if only in part, to the excessive consumption of meat and proteins in general, due to an accumulation of uric acid which damages the body. If the consumption of animal proteins is also associated with an excessive consumption of fats (even simply by eating fatty meat too often), the cardiovascular system could also suffer irreparable damage.

What does Herbalife offer?

To help all those who need to lose a lot of kilograms, and who want to do it in a not excessively long time, Herbalife proposes a type of balanced nutrition, which aims yes at a protein diet, with a certain amount of carbohydrates, however, to compensate for an excessive effort of the liver and kidneys. The optimal solution to assist a decrease in body weight with a healthy diet is the dieta Herbalife, which with its balanced nutritional principles, can provide the right amount of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins in order to keep all vital functions efficient, protecting in particular the kidneys and the liver, the first organs that deteriorate due to of wrong and unregulated diets.

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