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Dieta Herbalife: prodotti per ogni esigenza
 As you know by now, i basic Herbalife products needed to follow the dieta Herbalife I am: The Guide with basic instructions, for those who are starting out, can be found at this link: The Quick Guide to using essential products For more details, you can consult these interesting explanatory articles: However, the Herbalife diet lends itself to being personalized according to everyone's needs: here are a series of more targeted indications: What to do if you don't lose enough weight with basic products I know it weight loss should not satisfy you, we recommend the purchase of:
  • Thermo giallo Herbalife, since it takes away the sense of hunger, especially that nervous hunger caused by the increase in cortisol
Use and results with Thermo Yellow How to get rid of excess fat If your biggest problem right now is cellulite and skin blemishes, let us suggest some tricks by reading here: If you're going through menopause and don't know how to get better, read these tips: If you are a sporty person, do not miss the opportunity to receive lots of advice on:  Do you want to always have beautiful and smooth skin? Then you absolutely must inquire about:  … lots of advice elaborated by the Nobel Prizes and PhDs who work for Herbalife, translated into Italian! Some more info... ATTENTION: with the dieta Herbalife you won't go hungry!  If you feel a little hungry in the first 4 days, this is completely normal. The stomach is elastic and within 4 days that feeling will disappear.  However, in case of excessive hunger, rather than throwing oneself on the first cake with cream available… it is better to prepare another means Formula 1 smoothie! This also applies to the mid-morning or afternoon break!!!   1/2 a smoothie made with water is very low in calories! Why use the Herbalife shake It shake Formula 1 prevents the rise of the glycemic curve. When the glycemic curve drops (like after 90 minutes after a pizza or a stuffed focaccia, HUNGER RETURNS, inexorably. On the other hand, protein foods such as smoothies or meat, fish, bresaola do not raise the glycemic curve which, therefore, should not be lowered again! If you want more details about the use of Formula 1, read also this article! Buy products from our site, with free shipping in 48 hours and with any payment method!

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