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Dieta Herbalife e carboidrati
We talk very often aboutHerbalife proteins and how they are fundamental for the development of lean mass and for athletic performance but we don't want to forget about carbohydrates, true These macronutrients are an essential source of energy, essential for any daily activity, from waking up to rest at night, including exercise physical.o.

What exactly are carbohydrates?

When it comes to these famous carbohydrates, the mind immediately wanders over a nice plate of pasta or smells the fragrance of freshly baked bread but these macronutrients are also present in large quantities in fruit and vegetables, in honey, in milk and, not from less, in sugar. There are really many foods that can supply us with carbohydrates, and suffering from a deficiency seems really impossible, but it should be emphasized the importance of preferring healthier sources over others..

Good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates

It doesn't seem very scientific to divide carbohydrate sources between good and bad, but all in all, it's not all that wrong or superficial. And since we are not all doctors, even for mere mortals a distinction must be made that is simple to remember and therefore to put into practice. Good carbohydrates include legumes, whole grains, fruit, vegetables and dairy products, low-fat cheese, yogurt and skimmed milk. In these foods we find many simple and natural sugars, easy to digest and very energetic. They also contain fiber, vitamins and mineral salts in abundance. On the other hand, when we refer to bad carbohydrates, we mean all those excessively processed foods, rich in empty calories, and which can offer very little to the body. Among these we list refined white sugar, sweets in general, common bread, breadsticks or crackers.racker.

How to fill up on healthy carbohydrates

The answer is simple: just start any meal with a nice serving of vegetables, raw or cooked, and base themsnacks on fruit; for breakfast skim milk and unsweetened muesli. It is not easy to calculate the minimum daily intake of carbohydrates for a person, because the intake varies from individual to individual and it is not easy to make an average. In fact, it depends on sex, age, daily physical activities, the type of work, the climatic conditions and any health problems in particular il diabetes). In any case, never follow a too restrictive diet where most of the carbohydrate sources are eliminated since in the long run there would be no improvement but a deterioration of all organs and sports performance. You want to know more about the Herbalife diet Read our article orcontact one of our experts for personalized advice!

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