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Dieta Herbalife: come iniziare
After months or even years of accumulation of excess fat, your dream of shedding the extra pounds could really come true but there are buts to respect. A diet is what you need. First of all, our body must have the ability to react and readjust to the newo nutritional scheme proposed by the Herbalife company. Although we would like the pounds to melt like snow in the sun, we must instead set realistic and unrealistic goals harmful to our health.Here are some small tips to follow to find the lost line:
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Sip theherbal tea for both breakfast and lunch
  • Dissolve the mixtureFormula 1 in natural water, preferably mineral and non-carbonated at room temperaturete
  • In the free meal make great use ofbresaola, turkey, chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and salad
  • Eat vegetables at willand of any kind even during snacksi)
  • Do not overdo the fruit andavoid bananas and grapesa
  • You can have a bigger or transgressive meal a week. But only one a week and always on the same day of the week eg. on Wednesdays, every Wednesdayì)
  • No sweets / alcohol / ice cream / aperitifs / sandwiches / pizza / brioche / sugared coffee
  • Never drink sugary sodas. Instead, you can enjoy zero-calorie drinks such as Lemonsoda zero, Zero tonic water, Sprite Zero as well as the famous Coca cola zero etc. even if they are carbonated it doesn't matter, just don't abuse them!arne!)
  • What matters are thecalories: Fewer calories possible so no sugary drinks
  • Focaccia, bread, pizza are all carbohydrate sugars. In the free meal it is possible to eat pasta, as long as it is little, in addition to bread substitutesne
  • Cakes etc. they are fine but ONLY in the free meal and in small quantities
  • A nice salad with grilled vegetables,eggs or bresaola or turkey or even all together ... That's fine. The meat is also great
  • Little,very little salt, because it prevents fats from melting.
But it doesn't stop there! See you soon new tips ...

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