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The Herbalife company, founded in 1980, began by selling only one product, which is still the main and most recognized today:
The meal replacement - Formula 1


At the beginning it was only sold in one variant:Vanilla. The meal replacement provides all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, a little carbohydrates and even trace elements, which is everything you need for a healthy lunch. All this in a few calories.

The company's mission has been for over 15 years to make people lose weight, especially inUnited States, as the obesity rate was higher than in other countries, while it is now more unified and leveled. At that time, the need persisted to create a product that would allow you to lose weight and to eat more correctly.

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Herbalife became a billionaire company in a short time,since Formula 1 is not to be weighed, leaving no room for error and, above all, giving a sense of satiety thanks to the presence of proteins, which is a fundamental element of the diet, allowing anyone to lose weight.o.

A novice person who tries his hand at onedo-it-yourself diet or in oneextreme diet found through a search on Google, Facebook or shared by some friends on Whatsapp, she is led to think that you have to ingest fewer calories in 24 hours to be able to lose weight.

However, this method does not work because in the end one falls back to the temptation to eat and it is soon explained why. To succeed inlose lost the individual must be full and healthy satiety is achieved through the integration ofproteins in your diet.

It is no coincidence that a very successful diet was the DietDukan, which you may have already heard of. It is a diet that introduces a lot of protein per day and was created byPierre Dukan but it is currently highly discouraged for various aspects: excess of proteins, especially of animal origin and it is an unbalanced diet that can cause damage to the liver, overloading it.
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Herbalife began to develop Formula 1 also in other flavor variants, inserting theCocoa, which is still sold today. The goal was not to create damage to the individual and above all that it was balanced for its customers and that it was usable for a long period.

This great company after hiring leading figures of theUS Department of Health, after takingNobel laureates, PhDs, did not stop and tried over the years to improve more and more their products and after40 years of experience the company is still in this new product sectorleader in the world market, not only because it was the first but because it continued to invest in research and development.

Herbalife it started with just one product and today there are more than 100 products, the result of research and development.

It began over the years2000 to think about specific needs:
to be able to lose weight it was necessarydrain the cells and therefore it was necessary to introduce thegreen tea, natural extracts, yerba mateThis is to raise the basal temperature by a few tenths of a degree and in this way it is possible to burn a greater number of calories with the same physical exercise.

Then he arrivedherbal infusion. In case of severe obesity, the quantities of proteins inserted through formula 1 are not sufficient to guarantee weight loss, as in people with excessive weight it is necessary to insert a greater daily amount of protein than in other individuals with a less serious situation. In fact, there is an online tool that allows you, right on the Herbalife website, to calculate yoursIMC, or your Body Mass Index:Calculate yours now.


Everydistributor and each centerHerbalife who sells the products owns aweight scaleimpedance meter, Also called tanita and other electronic instruments that allow you to calculate the fat and lean mass, the percentage of water, visceral fat and the amount of calories needed and from there you calculate the diet. In fact, the diet must be developed to measure based on height, weight, sex, composition, bone structure and in this way it is possible to calculate precisely the amount of protein that the individual must ingest to lose weight.Clearly on this topic, we invite you to contact your doctor or a specialist for more information or to start a diet.

Remember that the body is not intelligent and inshortage of calories goes to break down what is simpler for him, namely imuscles and transforms them into energy, being lean matter it is attacked first, since the fat must undergo a more complex processing before being broken down and used as energy.

This is why pure proteins were introduced:The Formula 3. That people who are very overweight add to Formula 1 or even to the free meal, scattering the tasteful powder on soups and other various dishes.


Subsequently from2000 to 2010 the company began to collaborate withsports characters of success in every state in which it was present. It slowly reached 90 state, which means that 90 ministries of health, from different countries and continents had analyzed isapproved the full range of productsHerbalife.

The products weresifted and broken down by competing companies, by journalists looking for components that are prohibited, unsafe and that could cause a sensation. The products were put under the lenses of themicroscopes, first of all in the United States of America. In some states some quantities have been changed.

Precisely for this reason it would be convenientto buy directly from your country of origin and from an authorized distributor. Unfortunately, buying from third party sites such as eBay and Amazon, to ensure lower prices, the products travel in containers from Asian countries,they travel for 2-3 months at very high temperatures. More resistant products cannot be stored at a temperature greater than 25 degrees and must be stored in the shade. The entire range travels in these vessels, exposed to temperatures of 50 degrees and with high humidity levels and in this way the products arriveo altered isdamaged.


To the2013 started collaboration with top sportsmen country by country, Herbalife has its headquarters in the United States but each country has its own headquarters and for example in Italy we have Herbalife S.P.A., we leave you all the information concerning the registered office:

Herbalife Italia SpA
Customer care
Viale City of Europe 819
00144 - Rome

Customer Service: at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 at 06/52304444

In this way, if anyone wants, they can dial the Herbalife Italia assistance number: 06 52 30 44 44 and ask if Mrs. Secondina Staffolini, owner of this website in Milan and with Herbalife code:25717606 is an authorized seller with a Herbalife Italia card.

Real ones were stipulatedsponsorships with volleyball and football teams including Messi, Ronaldo but also other sports, even more individual ones such as tennis. Also thereFIN, or theItalian Swimming Federation which still enjoys sponsorship and Herbalife products. A lot of champions are connected with Herbalife. You can find the Herbalife logo, along with other companies, by going to the bottom of the official web page of theFederation.


Curiosity: One thing they tell us at various update meetings is thatMessi won the Golden Ball for all the years he was oncharacter sporty moresponsored fromHerbalife. Then the sponsorship passed toCristiano Ronaldo and, it will be a coincidence that we cannot know, he constantly won the golden ball and is still sponsored by Herbalife.e.

At this point a series of totally new products were born. That is the lineH24 for sportsmen:

    • H24 Prolong, mineral salt supplement, isotonic drink.
    • Liftoff, you can simply use it instead of carbonated drinks that are full of useless substances. It is none other thancaffeine for those who do not like coffee
      A strong dose of caffeine to be dissolved in natural water, a healthy and low-priced drink, easily transportable in packs of 10 tablets.


Then the products for thegym which had to be balanced. So, as usual of Herbalife, PhDs and Nobel Laureates went toto balance the products to bring out products for thepowerand for the very common bodybuilding exercises.


But not only that, also products to improve theresistance and capacityaerobics.The products that came out of this research were:

  • Rebuild Endurance: for those who practicetriathlon,running,marathons and in general exerciseaerobic.
  • Rebuild Strenght:for those who want to increase their ownmass muscular.


The company continues to expand more and more, every year, every single year, the sales volume, customer volume and distributor volume grow as the product ishealthy isit works. It is produced with very high safety standards and with elite raw materials, especially in the last 5 years, in which it has made an incredible effort, re-adapting the entire Formula 1 range, changing one by one.all the tastes in catalogs all over the world, thelabels in all languages, going toto research components that they could replace the previous ones and trying toimprove one'smain product: Formula 1.

Instead of milk and soy proteins, with expensive studies, proteins were replaced with totally vegetable proteins, this to have an absolutelyvegan and suitable forceliacs, going against the needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to these issues. Then the original animal proteins with proteins of vegetable origin were removed, but alwaysnoble and of the highest quality.

This change, as far as the consumer side is concerned, cost an increase in the price of about 1, but in exchange the formulation has completely changed, more and more flavors of Formula 1, are suitable for vegans and celiacs, while for years there has always been just one taste: Vanilla.

Now all Formula 1 cars have changed their names:Strawberry Delight,Vanilla Cream instead of Vanilla,Chocolate Delight instead of Chocolate, Banana Cream and many others that you can find directly here:Formula 1.

Even theBars, even the monthly ones, which last a whole month have undergone changes. For all the products concerned you will find the writing on the package: for celiacs and vegans.

In any case, on our site, taste by taste is specified whether it is the new or the old formulation.

Hand in hand there were otherstwo large innovations, the expansion of the range of proteins, as the protein powders to be added to formula 1 or soups, may not be suitable for athletes and sportsmen who wanted a protein intake in another form.

Protein keeps it from ramping upcurve glycemic and therefore the sense of satiety lasts much longer, up to four times longer, for this reason new products have been created, for athletes and for those who do not like Formula 3 powder:

  • Protein MIX
  • Tri Blend, coffee and banana protein preparation
  • High Protein Iced Coffee, latte macchiato taste. Basically a cappuccino that satisfies you. Instead of the sugar-filled, carbohydrate cappuccino, we have a calorie-free drink that gives you a good sense of satiety until the next meal.



Still so many products for specific needs were born in recent years. Starting fromfundamental:

  • Herbalifeline Max - Omega 3:to naturally decrease blood cholesterol, especially from the age of 45 onwards.


Always in the line of the heart we have a productincredible, which earned its creator: Doctor Louis Ignarro, the Nobel Prize:Niteworks 


This product was born because the doctor discovered simple nitric oxide through our arteries, during the night, taken mainly by men from middle age onwards, absolutely also alone,averting heart attack, because the veins open, the vessels dilate and the circulation works perfectly like a Swiss watch.

The thermo complete,for those women who after the first few weeks of their honeymoon begin to see a slowdown in weight loss, something stronger is needed and supplements change.


One of the other popular supplements is theThermo Yellow, a supplement that has a double function, in the case of a mealabundant, taken two hours earlier,burns the calories in excess and avoid the intake of these calories.
It is excellent for going to affect the reserves of fat, especially in people who have accumulated a lot of it over the years.


In short, from those who must lose only onekilo to those who must lose20-25kgthere is a wide range of products to choose from.

I'm always theremany Herbalife distributors, not only us, who are lucky enough to sell online and to be thefirst on Google, with a lot of sales. But all the sellers, in every city, know the product, have the catalog to browse and lots of advice to give.

We always recommend starting with the basic products they are

  • The Formula 1: twice a day, in the morning and at your choice: lunch or dinner.
  • Thereherbal tea:to avoid the stagnation of liquids, to make the water run in the cells, to dissolve fats andto increase themetabolism baseline.
  • L'aloe: because at night the fat doesdissolves and it takes someone to take it and throw it out.
  • The Formula 3 and theThermo Complete.


Later, with these products, you will have2 months of satisfaction. Should there be godsslowdowns in weight loss you can consult us to make measurements in our studio, which is located inMilan in the center or even online to understand which products to replace and you can tell us your situation, weight, height without delay and we will be able to give you an answer.Unless you have a medical consultation, we will refer you to your doctor in that case.


Lastly, to leave us after this long article, which only wanted to summarize the concepts heard in a meeting with all the Italian distributors, in which many American researchers participated.

We leave you this story that I heard during this meeting:

A nice girl, a little overweight but nevertheless self-confident. It was a guest, a curious one who wanted to attend the meeting, brought by a distributor. She said:"In the morning you advise me to take this powder and whisk it with a little milk, water or skimmed milk, make a shaker. But for me the morning is atradition, for me it is the most important meal: I work as a cashier in a large shopping center and I must havepower, for me the morning isbasic, he started by making a fragrant tea and I change it every morning according to the mood.
Thanks to this the morning is a music. Mecuddly with all this healthy food, it's rusks and it's honey. For me, the morning is a special time. I don't want to eat a smoothie from the cold blender. "

The scientist who answered her, or theDoctor Luigi Gratton, doctorate with an Italian surname but is American, he replied:
"You are right in a way, it's a mealbasic, no one will prevent her from eating it, I only remind her that between rusks tea, rusks and honey she ingested only water and sugar, a quantity of carbohydrates that make up the calorie intake of the snack, snack and lunch. And not just beingsugars pure, after two hours she will become incredibly hungry and this food leads to similar food. Also for a matter ofrewards of the brain, because sugar, as fatty substances play, gives pleasure, they are not in taste but also like drugs. Thefood garbage it is not only good but it is researched by the brain as cocaine is researched and it is difficult to break this chain. " 



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