You believe we will try to sell you something and you see the system as a pyramid scheme

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Credi che cercheremo di venderti qualche cosa e vedi il sistema come uno schema piramidale
If you are here, you are most likely looking for information about Herbalife Nutrition and what it means to become an independent Herbalife distributor. Maybe you have already tried the products, or you have heard about them from some acquaintance, but you still don't understand how it works. You would like to have some extra income, but you are worried about running into a scam or business that promises easy money forcing you to spend money you will never see again. You have heard of Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, pyramid schemes and you have not understood much. What worries you the most is not to waste your money and have the opportunity to really get some income from a parallel business. You are afraid that we will try to sell you something as soon as you contact us and that the Herbalife profit stories are just talk for fools. If you've come here with these thoughts, you can finally dispel all your doubts, stop worrying and start thinking seriously about taking the next step: becoming an Independent Herbalife Distributor too. But let's start by answering the questions that are surely bothering

Being an independent Herbalife distributor has fixed costsi?

The answer is simple: NO! If you choose to become an independent Herbalife distributor, you are immediately entitled to a 25 discount on all Herbalife products. The amount of products you choose to buy for yourself or to sell to others is entirely up to you! YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE. If you don't buy anything, you still have the right to a 25 discount on all Herbalife products. If you buy or sell a certain amount of products, however, you can get up to 50 discount on all products of the Herbalife line!e!

How to become an independent Herbalife Distributor?

To become an official distributor, you need to contact another Herbalife distributor like us, for example who will act as an intermediary to place you within the Herbalife structure. The procedure is very simple, you will have to buy ONLY ONCE a kit called Herbalife Member Pack for 59.22 euros if you contact us, containing a Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement worth 46 euros,euro, shaker and dispenser, the contract to be sent to Herbalife Italy to start the business and information material on the products. Essentially, you are required to sample Herbalife's main product and make a small contribution towards the administrative expenses required by your placement.o.

I have to give some money to the sponsor I registered under?

Absolutely not! The sponsor is a person who has a vested interest in making sure you make as much money as possible. The moment you manage to expand, its business will grow too! Who sponsors you receives from Herbalife a small commission on your sales, which in any case does not affect your earnings in the least, as it is fully regulated by the Herbalife compensation plan, which in turn is regulated by the laws of the Italian State. Under no circumstances should you ever give money to your sponsor or anyone else to continue your business as an independent Herbalife distributor. If your main concern is not to waste your money, you will have understood by now that:
  • Herbalife has no fixed cost: after signing the contract, no one forces you to buy Herbalife products
  • There are no deadlines to respect: you decide when and how much to buy, from time to time
  • Under no circumstances should you ever make payments to Herbalife or any other distributor, not even your sponsor
  • Your income depends solely on your efforts to maximize sales.
Remember: there are no compulsory expenses. Those who claim otherwise really want to scam you. Contact us now for more information and expert advice on first steps in the business. Hear the experience of those who are really earning at Herbalife. You too can make a fundamental contribution to our teama

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