Herbalife cosmetics:not just products, but cellular nutrition

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Cosmetici Herbalife: non semplici prodotti, ma nutrizione cellulare
Have you ever wondered why iHerbalife cosmetics they are so effective and promise visible and guaranteed results already in 7 days Herbalife puts love in everything it does, especially because it is based on a deep respect for customers and their trust. THE Herbalife cosmetics they are not simple products, but realcell nutrition. The secret behind their effectiveness is given by the attention in the choice of the active ingredients that compose them and their effect on the skin, as well as their ability to deeply penetrate and nourish it from the inside.Herbalife cosmetics do not contain sulfates or parabens added. Their formulation, rich in antioxidants and vitamins essential to improve the texture of the epidermis, isdesigned to penetrate deeply and truly unleash the ultimate invigorating power.

Herbalife cosmetics: the SKIN line

ThereSKIN line, for example, isconsisting of 11 products able to allow you to carry out all the daily gestures of love towards your skin. From cleansing to hydration, through shock treatments and exfoliation, possible thanks to oneeffective scrub and delicate at the same time. Like all Herbalife cosmetics, the products of the SKIN line are completelynatural and hypoallergenic. And most importantly, they are clinically tested BUT NOT on animals. This is the secret of the Herbalife team of scientists to obtain real feedback, on human skin, before marketing the products. 100% respecting nature and the ecosystem.

In collaboration with the illustrious scientist Paolo Giacomoni

THESKIN line products are formulated bydistinguished scientist Dr. Paolo Giacomoni, in the team since 2011. Giacomoni isone of the most relevant names in the world in the field of cosmetic research. He has worked for decades with the largest multinationals in the sector as executive director; companies such as Estée Laudeer and L'oreal. There SKIN line nourishes the skin from the inside we like to define it as "means ofcell nutrition". Contains antioxidant vitamins forcounteract free radicals isslow down skin aging. It is especially rich in the powerfulVitamin E, C and B3, which as we all know areessential to improve the appearance of the skin.

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