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The summer is now coming, after having experienced very strange moments and uncertainty due to Covid-19, we are here to give you some advice on how to best deal with this summer.

THEsubjects most at risk during the summer are children, pregnant women and the elderly, so we have decided to make a list ofadvice to reduce therisks.


1. Drink lots of water:

Hydration during the summer it is essential because a lot of liquids are lost with thesweating and perspiration. Speciallyas soon as awake It is important to start by drinking water to immediately hydrate our body after the night.

The ideal would be to drink2 liters of water, which would correspond to approx8 glasses.

A great ally for summer hydration is this Herbalife product:

2. Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is one of the fundamental meals and allows, there is scientific evidence on this, to lose weight. Clearly if accompanied by a healthy diet and physical activity.

For further information on the topic: "Breakfast" on«Wikipedia - Breakfast and weight loss: scientific evidencee

Herbalife product ideal for breakfast:

3. Favors Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetables helps you to break hunger during snacking and by doing so you avoid eating something you immediately regret.

Also ideal are dried fruit such as almonds, walnuts, etc.

4. Colored dishes

Remember that every dish should have i5 colors of health and the colors are given by substances with antioxidant action. The colors are:

  1. Blue-Purple - eggplant and plums
  2. Green - asparagus and kiwi
  3. White - fennel and apples
  4. Yellow-Orange - pumpkin and orange
  5. Red - tomatoes and strawberries

If you want to learn more about this topic and find out which antioxidant substance each food has: "The 5 colors of health" on«Parmalat Educational»

5. No to fried foods and overly elaborate dishes

With the summer we consume less energy, so it is essential to avoid consuming too many calories and fried or overly elaborate dishes do not help us in this. It is therefore recommended to avoid them more than usual to avoid the ratio between calories burned and calories consumed.

6. Better fresh, low-sugar and less salty foods

We prefer fresh foods that are easily digested. Instead, we avoid foods that are too sweet and too salty.

7. Ice cream instead of a meal

Heat is a bad enemy and many times the desire to eat ice cream and skip a meal is high. It could be a great solution during the midday meal, quick and refreshing. Clearly it must be framed in my own daily calorie intake.

A smoothie or protein bar would also be ideal:


8. We avoid complete dishes

We prefer to eat instead of a complete meal: first, second and side dish a single dish with all the nutrients well balanced.

For example we could eat: legumes and / or vegetables - fish / eggs / meat and / or vegetables.

9. Less salt and prefer iodized salt

Consuming a little salt is important and preferring iodized salt.

10. No to conservation

Remember that if we wanted to eat out, for example a picnic, to bring a cooler to keep food cold. Also, do not keep food in the refrigerator for a long time as it could become contaminated.


In short, the tips are many but they will allow you to live a healthier life, not only in summer.

Remember that you can find in oursCatalog lots of health and diet products.

Now, put themask and enjoy this one that we will surely remember as one of the strangest summers of our life!


Sources: "How and what to eat in hot weather" on« 
"Breakfast" on«Wikipedia - Breakfast and weight loss: scientific evidencee
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