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In this article we want to talk in depth about what we are, what we offer to the customer and thesafe and effective way to buy your favorite Herbalife products. For some years we have opened a website containing theHerbalife shop, that is an online store reachable by anyone, within which users can obtain detailed descriptions about the products, quantities, methods of use, even classifying them as needed, for an effective and pleasant navigation.e. You will also find a part dedicated to articles, hopefully interesting, now on diet, now on tips for a healthier life, sports, various activities, seasonal fruit and vegetables, targeted nutrition and so on We want to provide both new users and our loyal customers a 360-degree overview of everything the products we distribute can do in their lives, and also some more tips to get better.. Through ourHerbalife shop anyone can place an order, request information, spend some time between the readings divided by categories. We are available to all curious users, without any obligation or commitment, to explain what a specific formulation, supplement, protein shake can do or not do, ask us anything and we will always be here to answer any questions.e.

How to order in our Herbalife store

If you are wondering how to order your products, know that there is nothing simpler! Through our Herbalife online store you can do this either by calling a dedicated toll-free number, or by entering each individual product and choosing the quantity. A shopping cart will gradually be formed where you can see the unit price and the final price of your preferences at any time. You just have to take two minutes to register for customer protection.). All payments are secure, and you can choose between credit card, Paypal, Postepay, postal order or bank transfer. All prices are clear already inclusive of shipping, which will take place by dedicated courier, within 24 hours of payment!! We are a Lombard group of independent distributors who founded aHerbalife shop present online in order to satisfy all customers in the shortest possible time! Take advantage of it too! We can't wait to make you a contented, healthy and happy person! If you want to take advantage of an extra discount, order the Herbalife Member Pack Kit, you can buy all the products you want, for you and your family, with an extraordinary discount!!

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