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Herbalife: Is this a good business opportunity? But first of all: what is Herbalife?

Herbalife is one of the world's largest multilevel marketing companies and manufacturer of nutritional supplements and meal replacements. It currently has a valuation of over $8 billion, with nearly 3 million distributors spread across 94 countries. Compared to other popular companies of its kind (i.e. distributors/manufacturers of nutritional or wellness supplements like GNC and Slim Fast), Herbalife clearly outpaces the competition by a factor of 6 to 1 in terms of the amount of product sold per year.

Herbalife and work? How do you make money with Herbalife?

Herbalife offers a job consisting of two main activities: direct sales and network marketing, or building a network of collaborators. Herbalife is known for its range of protein shakes, diet snacks and specific supplements that cater to people who are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, have more energy, have healthy skin, feel better and age well. The Formula 1 Protein Shake is currently the company's flagship product and its most popular offering; this soy protein isolate drink that founder Mark Hughes introduced to the public in the 1980s is constantly being reworked and innovated in the human cell nutrition laboratory that the company has at UCLA, the University of California at Los Angeles, the world's largest university specializing in human nutrition. In this age where obesity has become a global health problem, it's no wonder that the weight loss/diet industry has practically grown exponentially over the past two decades. This market is what the company is exploiting ... and from its profitability, you can tell that the market is welcoming Herbalife's efforts: the work offered by the company itself is constantly growing. So, here's an overview of how work with Herbalife works. Let's start with direct sales. Buyers purchase Herbalife products directly from independent Herbalife distributors. These distributors are the people who run the entire Herbalife business.

Working with Herbalife: The job requires the purchase of a Herbalife Membership Package

To become a distributor, you must purchase a Herbalife member package (at a cost of 58.22), containing the most popular product (the Herbalife formula 1 smoothie, which in itself costs 46 euros) as well as the right to purchase additional stock from the company with a 25% discount . These stocks can then be resold to buyers at the company's suggested price. As a network marketing (NWM) company, Herbalife distributors can also make money by sponsoring multiple distributors as their down line. For the simple fact of having entered and trained new distributors, recruiters receive a commission from the Company on the turnover of their down lines.

Are there any problems with Herbalife? Is Herbalife a scam?

The problems that have arisen, especially in the past, are due to the fact that some Distributors concentrated on the recruitment side of the business rather than harmoniously both on the sale of products and on the introduction of new collaborators.

What are others saying on the web?

A Google search for Herbalife reviews will reveal many complaints not about the company's products, but rather about the behavior of these companies.a some of its distributors. In fact, some of them, in a desperate attempt to recruit more Down Lines under them, would resort to incorrect behavior (for example by posting bogus job advertisements and then deceiving job seekers in a Herbalife sales camp) and other unethical practices which could turn most people away from the company itself. With regard to these incorrect distributors, the Company is watching over and acting actively and massively, going so far as to terminate the collaboration contract with them. In fact, for some years Herbalife has introduced the "Gold Standard", very strict and protective guarantees towards consumers and new members who decide to collaborate with the company. Need indeed take note that, on the contrary, NWM can be a very viable business model if conducted properly. In fact, for years it has also been studied in the largest universities and at the prestigious Bocconi University there are even study programs in this regard.

Herbalife: work safe? Is it worth it?

Herbalife can make you money, if you do it right. Training is very important in order to maximize sales. This is where the person you turn to to start your business as an independent Herbalife distributor comes into play: starting at an advantage with the right advice reduces the time it takes to get the first earnings. If you want to learn how to do your business as an independent Herbalife distributor in the right way, then contacting us can help you: we will answer all your questions, obviously without any obligation on your part. Together with you, we will try to expand our activity to create a successful business and we will provide you with the necessary support to take the first steps of this path.

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