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Be careful where you buy Herbalife products as the sale of Official Herbalife products is currently prohibited on online auction sites or Amazon.

Buying from sitesnot authorized You risk buying products, which before reaching your hands, will have to travel many kilometers. The problem actually lies in theconditions of the journey they undertake since they travel for 45 days in containers crammed into ships crossing the Indian Ocean in the sunshine. This is arisk for the product because in this way it losesproperty organoleptic not traveling in conditions of temperature below 25 and controlled humidity. All sellers are required to comply with theil price, imposed by the Herbalife company, because by doing so the authorized distributor obviously obtains his own income. However, by decreasing the price, the latter fails. For this reason, when you find reduced prices of Herbalife products online, you should always be careful about themorigin. Not even the Herbalife company, on its sites, sells its products to the public but limits itself toto direct customers to their owndistributors authorized. Customers have only one legitimate way to buy Herbalife products: do itcard Discount Herbalife, with which you can buy directly from the company's website. If you want to become a customer with a card, write the package belowMember Pack. For a few years now, a lot of Herbalife products had appeared onAmazon or sites ofonline auctions but Herbalife has no way of controlling, in many cases, who is behind the sale of these products and for this reason we lose the certainty about the origin of these products. For example, if you buy products on sites like Amazon, make sure there is a phone numberItalian you can contact, so you can make sure the seller is adistributor authorized Herbalife and that sells products from warehousesItalians, which therefore travel in controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. If you are about to start an path for yourWelfare make sure you don't buy counterfeit products so as not to compromise your health. For this reason we advise you to buy,ALWAYS, your favorite productsHerbalife from Authorized Distributors and not from third party sites so as to be sure that the product that arrives at your home comes directly fromWarehouse, I our case,Italian Herbalife Official. We thank you for your kind attention and we leave below the files coming directly from Herbalife Italy in which it communicates what has been said previously.

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