How to survive the Christmas binges?

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Come sopravvivere alle abbuffate natalizie?
It is a period of celebration, and among sparkling Christmas lights, Christmas trees and nativity scenes, as every year we prepare for tables of friends and relatives filled with all the good things of God. And how to say no, after the stress of gifts , for the first days of celebration after the summer: we sit at the table and do not move until the moment when the metamorphosis into a flaccid spheroid of flesh allows us to roll up to the mansion. We will survive the Christmas binges? The outside world certainly does not help: the signs of Christmas start ever earlier and already at the end of October the supermarkets are filled with panettone, pandoro, cotechini and sparkling wines of every brand and sub-brand.In short, the traditional battle between the unstoppable instinct to be undermined by the sin of gluttony and the need to maintain a balanced lifestyle is renewed.

So how to resist the temptation

Herbalife has the right solution to this seasonal crisis! Instead of giving up pleasure, we can help our form with theHerbalife's balanced breakfast, taking advantage of the incredible properties ofAloe herbal concentrate and godsshakes. Seeing is believing. With the use of these products, not only will we be able to pass unscathed from the crossfire of the courses of friends, but with the right self-control it will be possible to come out even healthier than before!

The Aloe herbal concentrate

TheAloe herbal concentrate is a refreshing drink with a light flavor that will help you keep the necessary daily intake of liquid constant: after the first sip you will never want to miss it and you will not feel the nostalgia of all those drinks rich in sugars. Not only does it contain very few calories 22 cal per 15 ml but by stimulating diuresis it allows you to keep weight under control by promoting the body's natural processes. Just dilute a few tablespoons in water to get itre the perfect drink and start the day with the right amount of liquids.

Play it safe with Formula 1

Of course, hydration is necessary, even if we often forget it, and these days we badly replace the intake of liquids with too many toasts, but at some point we also need a little more substance. Laziness still does not allow us to resume any kind of physical activity, and then the delicious ones come to our aid F1 smoothies. After a lavish lunch that leaves us exhausted and out of breath, with the stomach dilated beyond the limits of the organism's tolerance, we transform into beings capable of engulfing large quantities of food, which leads us to be hungry more often and to eat again. , in an endless vicious circle. And then, to break the vicious circle and return to the virtuous, after having allowed ourselves a colossal binge with some sense of guilt, let's return to reason by replacing the second meal of the day with a miraculous formula. F1 Formula 1 smoothies make perfect meal replacementsto: they are low-calorie just 220 calories per serving, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Just mix two tablespoons of product with milk and the tasty mix is ready. Satisfied without being overwhelmed. But also younger, since the vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc contained in the product defend the body from oxidative stress.o. And if after the holidays we want to go on a diet, replacing the two main meals with the shake is the perfect tool to start a diet that, together with physical activity, will allow all of us to lose those kilos taken in moments of weakness and to prepare well in advance for the costume fitting, avoiding frantic and often useless runs.

Recharge the batteries with thermogenic infusions

Between one invitation and the next it is also nice to take a break from the usual routine and enjoy a few moments of peace with a good tea that recharges our batteries before resuming the queues with the hectic activities of the day. Herbalife has identified specifics as the perfect collaborator in this kind of situationthermogenic infusions, thatthey naturally accelerate the rhythms of our body by increasing the conversion of fat into energy. The effect is evident: not only do we avoid the use of exciting and carcinogenic drinks and often mixed with sugars such as the usual drinks or coffee, activating ourselves in a natural way, but we also take substances with various beneficial effects! Black tea, green tea, hibiscus, mallow and cardamom they are the constituents of the mix of herbs studied for their diuretic, toning, anti-inflammatory, vitaminizing, antitumor, toning and stimulating properties. They recharge the batteries, tone and purify the body.

Regularize the glycemic curve with the Thermo Yellow supplement

After having recharged, the last trap we must not fall into is to spend the day the rest of the day to nibble snacks of all kinds in the face of the feeling of hunger that can surprise us in the most unpredictable moments. Especially in this holiday period,the intake of excessive quantities of food drives the self-regulation of the organism crazy, which in front of all the energies assumed does not know how to manage: on the one hand the excess calories are transformed into fat, on the other often the necessary intake for normal activities is often consumed too quickly, with the consequent feeling of exhaustion , the remedy of which is to eat again. It goes without saying that this is not good for either the body or the line. Forregularize the glycemic curve Herbalife has developed a phenomenal product:Thermo yellow. It is a food supplement that reduces the desire to eat continuously thanks to the capabilities of its natural constituents: Chromium and Garcinia Cambogia. TheChrome helps prevent hypoglycemia and diabetes, which is necessary for the correct absorption of sugars in the body, as it increases the effectiveness of insulin. Chromium deficiencies produce glucose intolerance and excessive levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. ThereGarcinia Cambogia is a subtropical plant native to Indonesia: the substances contained in the peel of the fruit are used which contains pectins, soluble fibers that intervene in the body's absorption processes, and hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in cellular lipid metabolism

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