How to Slim Thighs and Legs Quickly

Diet advice
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An effective method to streamline the thighs, calves and knees is to scrupulously follow a balanced diet, combining it with some specific exercises for the legs, which can even be practiced within the four walls of the house. Discipline and perseverance will be your best allies to fight excess fat once and for all, which has accumulated right on the lower body (typical in women).

What diet to follow

There are several diets that help slim thighs, all in all quite balanced, you can read in magazines or on sites specialized in slimming. But to lose weight quickly and without stress, there are diets that limit the consumption of carbohydrates to give more space to animal and vegetable proteins. Even the sources of fat must obviously be limited or even eliminated, favoring a greater development of lean mass and gradually streamlining the various circumferences of our body. Carbohydrates and starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice, cereals in general) should be limited and consumed only in the morning and at lunchtime, never in the evening, as they would accumulate in the tissues without allowing the body to dispose of them properly. There are some foods which, compared to others, contribute to accelerating the basal metabolic rate and therefore to disposing of excess fat; are for example apples, dark chocolate, walnuts, asparagus and cinnamon.

Tips to speed up the weight loss process

One of the parts of the body, together with the abdomen, which is most affected by the stagnation of liquids, are the thighs. And excess water must be fought with… water! It sounds absurd, but that's exactly how it is. And this is why we always recommend at least 2 liters of water (or herbal tea) a day, to cleanse the body of toxins and to stimulate diuresis, also helping to slim down the thighs. Retention is often caused by an excess of salt in the diet. Therefore, avoid ready-made or overly elaborate dishes; feed on simple food, easy to prepare, avoiding where possible the addition of table salt. Limit by almost completely eliminating the use of sugar; for years it has been established that refined sugar is not a friend of the figure; therefore use a sweetener, possibly natural, only where you cannot do without it. Stay away from sodas and alcohol. Try to satiate yourself with lots of fruit and vegetables: few calories, lots of vitamins and mineral salts; natural sources of well-being and energy!

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