How to awaken our body after the long winter lethargy

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Come Risvegliare il Nostro Corpo Dopo il Lungo Letargo Invernale
After the revelry and numb fingers of Christmas, followed by Carnival and, now, also the Easter holidays, now you will feel the need to give a boost of energy, freshness and lightness to your body, feeling a wider need to oxygenate all cells also increasing vitamin D remaining for a long time under the sun's rays. The rebirth of our body accompanies us in each spring, during the first buds, the first buds that open and the birds that sing merrily on the branches of the trees, while they are building their nests. Surely one of the first things we do in this period is to make the typical change of season, removing heavy coats, velvet trousers and wool sweaters from the wardrobe. Usually, after the long winter of little movement and calorie-laden food, the light pants that are dropped around September will go tight. Here is the signal: it's time to start a good detox diet that deflates us and makes us feel better about ourselves.i.

How to awaken the bodyo

No restrictive and too drastic dietary regimes are necessary, but some purifying rules must be followed. First of all, the bacterial flora must be restored to have a more regular and relaxed intestine, and this will already make us feel more serene and deflated. To do this, it is necessary to drink a lot during the day, do physical exercises or a nice daily walk, and supplement the diet with a lot of fiber, favoring whole foods, fruit and vegetables. Even a mineral such as magnesium should be supplemented or recovered from foods such as bran, white meats, lentils, bananas and chocolate. Liquids are a very important part of the detoxification and drainage process of stagnation, and can include not only plain water, but also unsweetened energy drinks and herbal teas. Often, however, we do not feel the urge of thirst, or we forget to drink properly. This, in the long run, could lead to an initial state of dehydration, and one of the most obvious symptoms, at least during the early stages, is dull and wrinkled skin, not to mention chronic fatigue. Precisely those situations we want to avoid! It is therefore advisable to have with you, even at work or in the gym, a bottle to sip from time to time. If pure water is not satisfying due to its non-existent taste, you can also use special drinks. Herbalife, for example, recommends Herbal Aloe Concentrate which, with very few calories and with a decidedly refreshing taste, manages to purify you pleasantly and stimulate greater consumption of liquids during the day.ta.

LAloe Veraa

It is an exotic plant with fleshy leaves with a serrated edge, from which the juices and gel are extracted. The benefits of this plant have been known for a long time. First of all it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it is purifying, draining and burning fat. It is suitable for internal but also external uses. It cures acne, dull skin and irritationsni)

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