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Come funziona la Dieta Herbalife
ThereHerbalife diet it was designed to cover both slightly overweight people and those with a lot of kilos to lose; this type of diet because we cannot speak only of Slimming diet allows you to choose whether to replace withi Herbalife products only 1 meal or both main meals. THEHerbalife products most used are foods to eat such as protein bars or to drink meal replacement shakes. Among the Herbalife products, therefore, aimed at weight loss, we can distinguish these categories:ie:
  • Meal replacements:a prime example is the protein blendFormula 1(there is also a variant for intolerantFormula 1 Free lactose, gluten and soy free or protein barse
  • The snacksproteins to break hunger between meals; they can be salty like soy peanuts and tomato soup or sweet like barse
  • The supplementsrich in vitamins and mineral salts(Formula 2) to nourish the body at 360 degreesi
  • A preparation ofproteinsin powder,Formula 3


All theHerbalife products they provide the nutrients the body needs, with particular attention to proteins, true flagships of the formulations of this thirty-year-old company. In fact, when we talk about Herbalife proteins, we must not mean the usual substances derived from meat, beef or sheep, and from fish. For years now, the company has been at the forefront of providing protein nutrients derived from whey and soy. At breakfast, lunch or dinner, meal replacements are excellent aids to never have a sense of hunger, to face the day with energy and vitality while seeing the kilograms that fall inexorably on the scales. Vitamin supplements guarantee the correct supply of fibers, mineral salts and vitamins for a correct cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functioning. The lines of di Herbalife products they are every year more targeted, specific, and embrace more and more types of people. Not only, therefore, effective formulations for weight loss and for a slimming effect in critical points but, for example, there is a line designed exclusively for athletes, both agonists and amateurs. In any case, allHerbalife products they are clinically tested, controlled, free from side effects and approved by the Ministry of Health.

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