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Come fare una corretta colazione: consigli
Many argue how important it is to make oneproper breakfast just wake up. Despite this it is well known, many continue to make wrong dietary choices or even, in some cases, to skip breakfast completely.

What are the reasons behind the importance of breakfast?

Not having introduced the right amount of nutrients, necessary to face the working day, school or housewife, the individual will be more inclined to eat more during the day, so as to overcome hisbasal metabolic rate. Instead a breakfast with the correct intake ofnutrients it will allow the individual to chase less food throughout the day. It is scientifically proven that an individual who does not have a proper breakfast during the morning is more likely to be less concentrated and also to binge at lunch. This also affects the afternoon since, by doing so, the individual will have somefluctuations in insulin it's abig digestive effort. From a first picture it emerges that there are reasonable reasons for saying that breakfast is important.

What are the foods that are usually eaten for breakfast?

Now that the importance has emerged let's analyze what are the foods that usually accompany our tables for breakfast. For the Italian tradition at breakfast must not miss:yogurt,slices biscuits,milk,marmalade,fruit fresh. A star food of our tables is theBrioches which, unfortunately, is not among the healthiest foods, due to its high content offat issugars. It gives us a false satiety and a peakinsulin which will lead us to look for food again after a few hours.

How much should you eat during your morning breakfast?

The opinion of nutritionists is that you should take the20 of the daily calories.. You can calculate your owndaily requirement by doing a simple google search or, having obtained greater accuracy, you can go to a nutritionist.

What to eat during a breakfast at the bar?

For many, going to the bar for breakfast is a tradition that is difficult to break away from. Unfortunately the recommendations for what to eat at the breakfast bar are limited but you can be on the safe side with oneOrange juice, oneCup of milk and a little bit of fruit, especially dry walnuts or almonds..

Tips for a proper breakfast

The first tip is tomoisturize our body after the night, because our body is dehydrated having eliminated liquids even during the night through sweating and breathing. The first thing to do as soon as you wake up is therefore to drink a glass of water. We at Herbalife have thought of an ideal product formoisturizethe body in the early morning:Concentrated Aloe with Herbs


Now that we have hydrated our body we need to feed it with the nutrients we need to get through the day. Theproteins we can find them inmilkand inyogurtwhich are also a source of calcium. For thecarbohydrates we need thecereals and its derivatives (bread, rusks, cereal flakes that allows us to introduce complex carbohydrates that have a slow absorption compared to simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates can be found in fresh fruitand it is therefore recommended to introduce it to have energy ready to be consumed. Whole grains are richer in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. An alternative to having a proper breakfast is:Formula 1 meal replacement

Another alternative if you are in a hurry, in the office or on the go:Formula 1 bar


Now that we have understood the importance of a correct breakfast, we just have to put these simple tips into practice:

  1. Moisturize our body as soon as we wake up
  2. Making the correct choice of what we introduce into our body early in the morning
  3. Live our day with much more energy and with fewer food errors

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