How to Avoid Empty Calories

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Come Evitare le Calorie vuote
When it comes to‘empty calories’ relating to a food means foods without a nutritional value to be highlighted. In the course of the day, in reality, these futile calories accumulate relentlessly, taking with them so many sugars and fats that undermine the physical form. These substances are useless because they have nothing healthy to offer our body, therefore no proteins, vitamins, fibers or mineral salts. The so-called junk food fills the stomach for a while, thus depriving us of healthy food and malnourishing the body of all the beneficial and precious substances.iose.

How to spot nutrient rich foods

It is not as difficult as it is thought to understand which foods to bring to the table on the agenda and which, instead, to abandon forever, for a better and healthy lifestyle. Salty and greasy chips, fizzy and sugary drinks, packaged snacks are all, precisely, empty calories that, contrary to what we think, do not nourish us enough, but are deposited on the buttocks, hips, belly and thighs! Also remember that healthy foods are easily identified thanks to their water content: fruits and vegetables, for example, foods rich in vitamins and minerals par excellence, have a water content of 90. Generally, junk foods are taken throughout the day, between meals, especially for stress, anxiety, boredom and when you are following or at least trying to follow a low-calorie weight loss diet. So the best idea in these cases is to rely on a delicious, light, and nutrient-rich snack. Let's take some examples: esempio:
  • Protein Bars, with only 140 calories, 10g of protein and 15g of carbohydrates; rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, in three flavors to vary
  • Toasted soy nuts, excellent idea for those who prefer salty tastes; with only 113 calories per pack, they are perfect for a quick and tasty snack and as an alternative to popcorn or potato chips in a bag
  • Tomato soup, rich in protein and fiber, it is an excellent hunger breaker between meals as it only provides 104 calories per servinge
  • Protein Drink Mix, a comfortable drink to be enjoyed at any time of the day, to increase the intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and at the same time ensure the right amount of liquidsi

Some curiosities about junk food

The term was coined in the middle of the last century to indicate unhealthy foods with very little nutritional value and with too much sugar or fat. Hot dogs, fried potatoes, elaborate desserts, pizza and frankfurters are a striking example. Constant consumption of junk food leads to important diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, depression and some types of cancer. A recent study has also shown that eating mostly empty calories disturbs brain activity, like drugs.

What are calories?

It is a term that we have always heard and used. But we are really aware of the exact meaning of this word. They are indicated withn Kcal orCal and they correspond to the energy that comes out of our body when it metabolizes the food introduced. Sugars provide 4 calories per gram, like proteins. Lipids, on the other hand, have 9 per gram..

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